Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Avon Haul + Swatches

I haven't done a proper Avon order in years, and after I tried their Smooth Minerals liquid foundation at Christmas, I was interested in some of their newer offerings. My friend is a rep so I ordered through her and recently had a chance to swatch everything for you, and do a basic review/first impressions type post. I apologize for the lighting in this post, it was dark outside so I had to rely on flash.

Contained in this post:
- True Colour Eyeshadow Quads in Purple Haze and Vibrant Spice
- Nailwear Pro in Sunshine
- Be Blushed Cheek Colour in Golden Rose
- Glimmerstick Diamond Eyeliner in Sugar Plum
- Glimmerstick Eyeliner in Emerald
- Glimmerstick Liqui-glide Eyeliner in Black Plum
- Glazewear Lip Gloss in Crimson

First up, the eyeshadow quads. These are normally $9 but are currently on sale for $4.99. They come in a nice black package case that is decently sturdy. These are swatched over a light layer of primer.

Purple Haze -- I was a wee bit disappointed in this, but the colors are lovely. I was expecting the 2nd lightest shade to be a little more vibrant, but I think this would look especially nice on a darker skintone. The 3rd shade from the left looks a lot like Mac Beauty Marked.

Vibrant Spice -- This one stunned me. The color combination is gorgeous! The yellow on the far left has a slight mustard tone and is crazy pigmented and unique. The copper shade is very similar to Mac Coppering but slightly less red toned, and the brown is like Mac Twinks.

On to the Be Blushed Cheek Colour. This is a cream blush in stick form and sells for $8 normally but is currently on sale for $5.99.

The packaging on this is really nice and sturdy, it even came with a plastic stopper that you can keep placing back over the top of the stick to prevent nicking it with the cap. The rotation mechanism was smooth and easy to operate, and twisted back down easily.

Golden Rose -- This is a lovely shade of shimmery rose with a hint of bronze to it. There is a little loose sparkle in this so if you're not a fan of that, you may not like this particular color. These are available in 8 other shades, including a peach that I have my eye on. This reminds me of Mac Stereo Rose just a liiiiiittle bit.

I also got a Glazewear lipgloss. These are $6 but are often on sale. I got this one on a deal with the eyeliners, 4 for $10, so if you see that again, I would highly suggest nabbing a couple of these.

Standard doefoot applicator.

Crimson -- Slightly sparkly shade of a rosy berry. I don't know if I'd call this crimson, but this is a really pretty color. It would be a great near-nude on a darker skintone, and it's got a subtle pink shimmer as well. These glosses are quite thin so I would imagine you'd get 2-3 hours of wear out of them before needing reapplication.

The Nailwear Pro polishes come in a nice square bottle that feels surprisingly luxurious for a $5 varnish.

1 coat of Sunshine.

2 coats of Sunshine. This polish is relatively thin but not goopy or too runny. It's not chalky at all which is nice as yellow can be a pain to work with. It was opaque in two coats if you use care when applying.

Last, the Glimmerstick eyeliners. Again, I got these on a special for 4 for $10 (one of the 4 being the gloss), but regular price is $7 for each of these. The regular and diamond finished are currently on sale for $3.49 and the newer Liqui-glide formula is $4.99 on sale.

Sugar Plum (Left, Diamond) -- This is a really pretty shade of pinky burgundy with violet shimmer. I had hoped that these would be a dupe for Mac Pearlglides. I can't quite give my endorsement but this is a nice eyeliner. All 3 have a twist up style packaging which can also twist back down. I found that the staying power on this just isn't as good as the Pearlglides, which is why I can't say it's a dupe. I got smudging into my crease around the 8 hour mark.

Emerald (Middle, Original) -- This is the original formula and I feel that this is a little creamier than the diamond formula. I would assume that is due to the lack of sparkles. Just as the name states, this is a vibrant emerald green.

Black Plum (Right, Liqui-glide) -- This is a very blackened shade of plum. The name says it all -- these have such a strange consistency. They're *almost* too soft. You have to be careful not to apply too much pressure, but once these set, they are pretty smudgeproof.

I did a quick smudge test:

The Liqui-glide barely smudged at all, while the other two had some light fading and smudging... the unusual thing was that the Liqui-glide formula also wiped off of my arm without a stain. The green and purple left a significant mark behind. I just find that strange!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and that this was helpful for you. I'm really liking what I got and will definitely be ordering from Avon again!


  1. I like Avon. I think people discount it a lot but they have some nice quality stuff especially when they have introductory sales. I use their glimmersticks, I can get a very thin eyeliner line with it and it lasts.

  2. Thanks for the swatches and review! I find Avon products to be hit and miss. I do love their mascaras, even though they tend to dry out fast. I have a few of the Diamonds eyeliner and like them for my lower lashline. I haven't tried any of their blushes, but that cream one looks awesome! Maybe next time I place an order :)

  3. I love Avon makeup. That Vibrant Spice palette looks really amazing.

  4. I really want to try some of thier liners after seeeing Pixiwoo use them so often! I wonder if there's a rep near me...

  5. The Emerald eyeliner is one of my favorite things ever! I really love a lot of Avon products, especially skincare, but I really hunt out reviews as much as possible because things tend to be so hit or miss.

  6. nice avon items! i really liked that polish, it's so good for this season! colours like that always make me happy!
    looks like the pigmentation is real good! and i'd say you've got some looks in mind with these huh!?/Azure

  7. Great haul! Those eyeliners look awesome! I tagged you!

  8. Nice haul! I want that yellow polish, I'm getting into yellow a lot lately.