Monday, March 19, 2012

FOTD: Spitfire and a little talky-talk-rant

Hey all! I got to visit Kathy this weekend and didn't have a lot of time to do funky makeups but I had some time on Sunday, so I rocked this look. I wasn't really trying to create anything specific, I just had my Inglot palette and rolled with it. I should have used a white base but instead I just did a few layers of each color. The flash shots make the lime green look INSANE but I promise it's not as garish as it looks.

Under the photos there will be a little chatty rant thing, I put it there so that anyone who isn't interested can see the makeup and move on.

- Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #23
- Mac MSF Natural in Light Medium
- Maybelline SuperStay Concealer in Cream
- Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in Light
- Avon Be Blushed Stick in Golden Rose

- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-Inglot eyeshadow in 60 (inner corner), 412 (inner lid and lower lashline), 59 (crease), 385 (middle lid and lower lashline), 504 (outer crease) and 395 (inner corner)
- Mac Pearlglide liner in Black Line
- Maybelline Illegal Length mascara

- Mac lipstick in Spitfire (THANKS KATHY :D)
As for the rant, it's related to blogging so at least semi relevant. In recent months, I've lost a lot of the passion I had for blogging. There's multiple reasons and I guess I should go into them. For one, last summer there was a lot of drama that cropped up around me because of a single action, and it really made me start to dislike the community as a whole. I also felt that my blog traffic significantly decreased as sides were chosen and trust was lost. I don't feel that my emotional connection to doing this was ever restored and I often struggle with posting anything. The drama has died down but I think the effects are still present.

Second, I don't really know what to post most of the time. It's partially because I don't feel like my makeup is all that interesting anymore as I don't do much in the way of dramatic or even fun, most of the time. I got a lot of comments via Facebook/Twitter/my blog asking me to post more outfits and then when I did last fall/winter, and even did a few videos, they didn't seem to get many comments. That seems to happen a lot though; I get requests to do hauls and such and no one really comments. Or maybe they watch and don't have time/want to comment? I don't know. I do have a YouTube channel and I post things but putting them here on the blog merits little to no response. It leaves me a bit frustrated and confused as to what my readers want to see. 

Lastly, I haven't done video tutorials or much blogging because my camera is difficult. It's nearly 3 years old at this point and it was older model when I purchased it anyway. I don't really want to spend the cash on something else but I do like swatching for you guys. I do the best I can.

I don't really know the whole point of that rant but it felt good to get it out. I've considered not blogging anymore but I'm not sure what I want to do.


  1. I always love your looks - just because you aren't smearing yourself in gel liner and smacking your face into a glitter pot or whatever doesn't mean your looks are cute and that people don't want to see them. Like this look? SO cute. I need the Pearlglides. All the pearlglides.

    As for videos and things... If I see a video on someones blog, then I already read and comment on thier blog so I'll comment on the video on the YouTube account as opposed to the blog... to me that makes sense. Idk what my point is. As for the drama.. well, maybe it lost you readers. But did you want those readers? If you stop blogging I will beat you with an enormous stick. I mean it, a really fucking big stick. Ilu x

  2. i've always liked your FOTDs and swatches, especially lipstick. i don't always comment, but i usually read. i'm not generally an OOTD person, but i will always like makeup. :) i hope you feel some resolve to this issue eventually.

  3. I came here to tell you how AMAZING you are at blending. I'm so so so jealous of your mad skillzzzzz.

    For me, blogging lost passion when there was girl drama IRL with the 2 people I started blogging with. So, I have no one left to giggle and girl-with BESIDES the internet. On the other hand, it is really time consuming and a hobby I can't share in real life. So, it's a bit frustrating. When I took a bit of a winter break, blogging maybe 1-2 times a week or so, I stopped doing as much makeup and ended up missing it! Missing sharing! So, maybe taking a small break by only posting once a week?

    I love your posts and would hate to see you go! Have you done a post about your madd blending skillz? I read these at work so I can never watch videos! Also I know nothing about fashion ;) <3!

  4. I'll beat Robyn with a stick if she beats you with a stick. It's ok to take a break :) Mine lasted for what, like 6 months? But here I am and I'm starting to feel really enthused again. I thinking popping off for a bit was good for me.

  5. I've always enjoyed your outfit videos and posts but I'm more of a lurker than not because I always get worried about my comments coming off as trite. I do hope you are able to find some inspiration, I love your posts (even with my reticence)

  6. Love the liner in this look! I'm with you about the whole blogging thing. I haven't been involved with any of the drama.... But I'm really disappointed in my content being stolen :( so I feel for you. Hang in there! Hopefully your passion for blogging will come back one of these day!

  7. I read your blog religiously. I think your makeup is very pretty, you have nice, clear swatch pictures, and you seem like an all around generally awesome person. =P

    I do, however, tend to just lurk most of the time... I read many blogs but rarely comment. Don't stop blogging. Please? :)

  8. Keep blogging please, I think the make-up that you do is brilliant (esp. coloured liner, which you are the queen of).

    As for your videos, I do watch them but don't tend to comment. I don't know... My name on youtube is missivonmcgowan for future reference. I like your videos because our teeth are similar.

  9. Nicely blended greens over the to try new shades and styles to do the shadows and your are really inspiring.Thanks also for the make up listed to help understand how you arrived at the foundation

  10. I understand your "loss of passion" for blogging. It's the same with work and other things in life. You do a great job and as evidenced by the comments, a lot of poeople look but don't comment. Don't get discouraged. You are also getting into doing other people's make-up which may be taking away from some of your "free" time and making you feel overloaded. Look back on when you first started this blog and you will see that your skill level and choices of makeup have grown by leaps and bounds. You have taught me and now I have the courage to try some of the things you recommend and do.
    And as far as those "other" people are concerned...hopefully they will fade away into the world of their own ugliness.

  11. :( I am sorry to hear that you aren't enjoying blogging very much anymore. I don't blame you, though. I have witnessed quite a few explosions of drama on other people's blogs and it seems that some people just go looking for drama and they love taking sides and getting right into it. Personally, I think blogging should be fun and relaxing as I do it in my spare time. I love makeup and this is why I love reading blogs. I like seeing what other people are doing with their makeup. I wish that people would grow up and learn to ignore drama and quit playing the blacklisting game with companies and bloggers. There are a couple of blogs that I don't read anymore because I don't care for things that the person who writes it said. I do this WITHOUT making a big ranty post on my blog because I just don't think that's polite or fair. Hopefully you will get your passion back. I've always very much enjoyed your blog :)