Monday, March 26, 2012

Darling Girl Spring Collection! Swatches and Review

I've got the new Darling Girl spring goodies to show you and I am so excited! Susan took some inspiration from the pantone colors of the season and fancy springtime tea parties and events. I'm working on a special project with these colors so stay tuned ;-).

Susan is opening her new shop soon so keep your eyes peeled here, I'll let you know when it's ready!

There are sixteen eyeshadows and two blushes. Susan also whipped up some new lip products and I have two of them to show you.

Let's start off with the eyeshadows (top pic is natural light, bottom is flash, colors are described from left to right):

Debutante is a rosey mauve pink with blue sparkle.

Bourgeois is a yellow based brown with subtle orange sparkle.

High Society is a pale lilac with pink and gold sparkle.

Scandelous is a gorgeous sunny yellow with sparkle -- hard to tell what, but I would say orange and pale blue.

Belle of the Ball is a cornflower, sorta blurpley color with blue sparkle. Gorgeous!

Beau Monde is an odd shade - it's got a murky grey-green base but has a violet shimmer overlay. I had some minor adherence issues with this one but it's a nice color.

Champagne Wishes is a soft brown nude with subtle silver sparkle. This reminds me of a baby deer!

Hoity Toity is a brick/blood red with slight pinky blue shift. Hard to describe as it's such a complex color.

Socialite is an absolute stunner -- it's a vivid blue with teal and gold shift. Reminds me of mermaids!

Garden Party is a shimmering grass green with gold shift, and blue sparkle.

Jet Set is a satin sky blue with aqua sparkle. This would be great over the new Watercolour she just added!

Party Crasher is a vivid orange with pink shift. I think this would work as a blush too.

High Tea is a grey nude with pinky sparkle. This is similar to Champagne Wishes only more cool-toned. Really lovely and I love the name!

Caviar Dreams is another stunner like Socialite -- very intense olive green with orange and gold shift.

The two new blushes are great additions to her blush lineup.

Cheeky is a satin coral pink. This has very subtle shimmer but it's not going to be over the top on your cheeks. The texture of this is SO soft and finely milled, it blends like a dream.

Bleeding Heart is absolutely AMAZING... it's a berry shade with a strong gold shift. I have to say that this is so unique, and I know that it will be a little dark on my skintone but I love it anyway.

One of the new lip products is a Liquid Kiss Luxe in the new click pen packaging. Susan also sent me a new Kiss You Off Color Rich Balm, in a shade that I requested!

Daring Daffodil is a creamy yellow with strong coral shift.

Her Majesty is a rose pink with a metallic gold overlay.

Daring Daffodil was really difficult to photograph as alone it looked really yellow and strange. The coral shift is much more noticeable in person.

Her Majesty is one of my favorite balms that she's ever done... it's exactly how I imagined it. I had been looking for a rosey pink forever, and all of them were either too neon, too dark or too frosty! This is just perfection.

Last but not least, I got two of the newer shades of Watercolour Paint Pots (I paid for these, fyi). These are cream eyeshadows that are creaseproof and easy to blend. I find that I get 6-8 hours of wear without creasing so I tend to wear a primer underneath these just to make sure they last through my work day.

Kiss My Clover is a pastel mint green which blends out to be much more subtle, with slight gold sparkle.

Peony For Your Thoughts is a pale pink-copper, also with a hint of gold when blended out.

That's all I've got from Darling Girl today... stay tuned as usual for some looks with the products! Do you see anything you have to have? Let me know!

DISCLAIMER: Post contains products sent for review by owner. This does not change my opinion of said products and I received no monetary compensation for this review.


  1. Fun spring collection! Daring Daffodil is a very interesting color! Both of those blushes look aweseom!

  2. All of them plz. Yes. Especially Caviar Dreams.

  3. LOVE THIS! I recently received my first DG order - I AM SO IMPRESSED. I got a GWP mini of Bleeding Heart duochrome blush - oh MY GOD it is so beautiful! Thanks for the great swatches!

  4. I really, really love Darling Daffodil! What a cool colour! I also love the packaging!

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