Friday, March 23, 2012

Assorted UK Brand makeup swatches (Boots, Barry M, Kiko, etc.)

This is a bit of a swatch dump post but hey, I have pretties and want to share them. Robyn sent me a whopper of a package recently and I was stoked to try everything out.

I also really want to thank everyone who commented on my Spitfire FOTD. Your lovely comments really cheered me up and reminded me that I can do this for fun and when I want to, and not feel bad about it.

First up she sent me the Boots No 7 Vital Enlightening Powder. Lisa Eldridge helped to design this and as I am all over anything she graces, I NEEDED it. The packaging is lovely and the design on the inside is gorgeous.

Up there is also the Barry M Natural Dazzle bronzer. I've worn this a few times and it has a really nice tone for fair skin. It's slightly dusky and mauvey, thus not being too orange.

The highlighter gives such a nice, natural glow and the bronzer actually pairs nicely with it.

Next up she sent me three of the 3 in 1 Contour Liners. These oddly do not have names on the outside of each pencil, so I have to look up the names on the website. She warned me that these were a bit weird but picked a few up on offer.

Left to right is Gunmetal, Auburn and Dark Brown. These are... odd, as Robyn pointed out. They are slightly greasy so they have some coverage issues. Not sure why they are called 3 in 1 but they will definitely make good eyeshadow bases.

She also sent me a load of lip products. Left to right: GOSH Cool Lip Jam, MUA Out There Plumping glosses and Kiko Lipsticks.

On the left is the GOSH Cool Lip Jam in #105. I'm not sure if this has a name. It's a really gorgeous violet with blue shimmer.

The MUA glosses are Sienna in the middle and Shocking Pink on the right. Both of these have really great coverage and are not tacky. I don't get much plumping action from them but they are a really nice medium to full coverage gloss that really sticks around. Loving both colors!

The Kiko lipsticks have a lovely texture and finish. On the left is 59, which is a really fascinating metallic lilac. It's much more flattering on the lips than you think. I wore it with a light lilac eye and black liner and got a ton of compliments. On the right is 11 which is a lovely rosey nude with a little orange undertone as well. This will be great as a 'toss in your bag and go' color.

Overall, really loving what she sent me! I'm so excited because she sent me a load of tights too... already concocting outfit ideas with them.


  1. Alright, dammit. It is time for a UK CP.

  2. Yay, glad you like all the things! I need that Barry M bronzer. I think I just...enabled myself?

  3. Argh, I want that highlighter so badly!

  4. Oooh, what do you think of the GOSH Cool Lip Jam? I have a blue one, and I just love it. I want the one you have now! I also like that bronzer, I agree, it would be perfect for lighter skinned ladies.

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