Saturday, March 3, 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics: Only One Can Win Collection (Hunger Games)

Susan from Darling Girl has come up with an amazing collection inspired by the Hunger Games. I was honored to be a small part of the creation process along with Helen, Robyn and Mandy. The game begins on March 5 so let's hope the odds are in your favor! ;-) (if you haven't read the books, that means this collection will be available on March 5!)

Little touches like this are what I love about Darling Girl. The labels are so perfect for the story!

Let's get onto the eyeshadows...

Boy with the Bread is a warm taupe with subtle blue shift.

Live Wire is a hard color to describe... it's silvery with a slight green tinge.

Well Dressed is a little more purple than it shows here, but it's a near matte shade with tiny loose silver and purple sparkles.

Rue's Lullaby is a lovely dusty pink.

The Seam is a murky brown with green undertones and blue sparkles.

Fire Inside is one of my favorites... a rich red with gold and green sparks.

Mayor's Daughter is a stunning gold with a LOAD of multicoloured sparkles, mostly light blue, light peach and silver.

Obviously a Wig is another favorite, it's a gorgeous magenta with strong purple/blue flash.

Songbird Weaponry is a rich navy blue with blue and gold sparkles.

Squirrel Hunter is a brown toned green with light gold and silver (maybe a little green?) sparkles.

Survival Instinct was a hard one to capture as my camera kept turning it burgundy, it's more violet than this. The sparkle in this is INSANE and multicoloured.

The Final Gift is a yet another favorite, and is glowing metallic copper. This is another super sparkly shade, gorgeous!

Some natural light and flash shots of the colors in groups:

Last but not least, Susan created a lip balm for this collection called Love is an Act:

This is a coral pink with blue sparkles. The formula is up to her usual balm standards - not sticky, drying or tacky. It glides on super smooth and has decent opacity in one pass.

I absolutely love this collection, right down to the names! I think it encompasses the spirit of the characters and the plot of the Hunger Games. I honestly think it's my favorite collection of hers to date.

What do you think of Only One Can Win? Are you hauling anything? I hope so!

DISCLAIMER: Post contains products sent for review by owner. This does not change my opinion of said products and I received no monetary compensation for this review.


  1. Love Is an Act looks awesome on you! Survival Instinct ftw, ftw, ftw. It looks amazing.

  2. wow love all the colors, especially the reddish and the gold one :) x Marina

  3. Such a great color collection! Even though I know nothing about the book... Susan did a great job on this collection!

  4. UNFFFF the sparkles and shifts in these colours = AMAZING.

  5. :) Just finished reading them, would love to get shadows to express the awesome! The glittery ones sound GOOOOOOD x

  6. I love what she's done with the packaging, yay for attention to detail!

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