Saturday, April 30, 2011

Clinique Daily Protective Base: Another Redness Solution

**Scheduled post: Wendy is moving!**

Today's review is for a product that I have used steadily for nearly a year now and am absolutely in love with. You may remember my Clinique Redness Solutions cleanser review and how it really helped to clear up the problem areas on my face. Well, I've got something that I use daily to help protect my skin from the sun, make my foundation last longer, AND conceal redness... how cool is that?!

Let me start off by saying that this will be a rave review. This product has become a part of my daily routine.

Clinique describes this as "Protects skin from the UVA/UVB exposure that can aggravate skins with Rosacea or reactive redness. Does it without chemical sunscreens. Comforting, oil-free makeup primer with a sheer green tint visually corrects redness, evens skin tone. "

You get 1.35oz for $18.50, which has lasted me for well over a year on near daily use.


It's hard to see on my skin but when applied to my face, the green tone helps to counteract the natural pink/red in my skin and visibly brightens the area. I can't say that if you apply it to a pimple, it's going to counteract that... but as an all-over cream, it definitely does it's job.

There's a slight fragrance but it's quite fresh smelling... almost like cucumber mixed with something else. It's not unpleasant and it hasn't gotten sour over the year I've had the tube... it also fades after application.

In terms of feeling, this feels like a thick moisturizer. It thins out once it hits your skin but a little definitely goes a long way. The amount you see in the swatch is the amount I would use to cover my entire face!

The spf 15 could be higher, of course, but I love that it's an easy step for me in terms of applying sunscreen and also helping my makeup to last longer. The green tint in this helps make my skin look more flawless once I've applied my makeup. As I wear powder, this helps that powder to last throughout the day (we're talking at least doubling the wear time from 4 hours to a minimum of 8) by providing a slightly tacky base that is still comfortable to wear.

What else can I say? This is truly an amazing product. I just bought a new tube of it as mine is getting quite low. I will also occasionally mix it with a tinted moisturizer and I'll get an absolutely dewy, glowy finish. Further, get this: it lasts ALL DAY. Tinted moisturizers are notorious for fading quite quickly and this will help it to easily last through my work day. If I want to really make it last, I'll layer this on first, then my tinted moisturizer, and finally my Mac MSF Natural over top of that. We're talking 12 hours of coverage there... no oilyness or fading whatsoever.

Definitely two, three, four thumbs up for this product. If you've been wanting to try a foundation primer and don't like a heavy, silicone feel, this is for you! I love that it multitasks and I think it'd be great for any of my readers - those with redness especially, but even those without (you're still getting a makeup base and sunscreen together!)


  1. This sounds fantastic! Do you apply it over moisturiser normally?

  2. This sounds awesome. I have to get my hands on this! :)

  3. I've been looking for a non-silicone primer, I may have to try this! Thanks for such a good review!

  4. @Hebridean: Only in the winter, in the summer it's perfectly sufficient as a moisturizer in and of itself :)

  5. Interesting, perhaps something I should pick up because I suffer with redness too. I have the urgent relief cream with hydrocoristone in it, it's described to only use it for max 14 days since it can harsh I suppose. I don't find it does much though. Maybe this would be a better bet.

  6. I'm going to buy this and the face wash. I have been wanting to try both of these!

  7. I am a Beauty Advisor at Clinique, we hear our customers rave all of the time about our Redness Solutions products. Have you tried the Yellow Powder (we have it in a pressed compact and also a loose powder) The yellow color really helps to cover the look of the redness. I love my job, and our products. We also have a primer for people that do not have redness, it comes in a higher SPF, same feel as the redness primer.

  8. @Becki - If you happen to see this comment, how does one become a beauty advisor? that sounds like a great job.

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