Tuesday, February 2, 2010

OPI Alice in Wonderland Review

Before I post these photos, please excuse the state of my hands... the macro function makes them look terrible! It also made it look like a 2 year old painted them, wtf? Finally, it's snowy here (as you can see) and lack of sunlight made for not so good photos.
My manicure today is Absolutely Alice, which I absolutely adore XD

This polish is insane! It shimmers like crazy even in low lighting. I can't wait to see this when the sun comes out. The application was pretty easy, I think that my only complaint is the brush. I have the mini set so I think they downsized the brushes. As you can see, I have small fingernails and I still had to dip in 3 times to get each nail done. This one dried insanely fast, so I had some blotchy, patching problems because of the time it took to dip in and apply another stroke. Like I said, this is probably because I got the mini set. Definitely needs a top coat though as the glitter is pretty gritty.

I love the other 3 colors, mostly. Mad as a Hatter was amazing when I swatched it yesterday. I think I will do a light purple mani with this polish on the tips later this week. I wasn't so impressed by Thanks so Muchness! and Off With Her Red! when I saw them online, but in person they are better. I figured that if the full sizes are $8.50, and I want two, I may as well get the set as it's only $12.50 and I'll never use the full sizes all the way. So, we will see how they fare later in the week.

As for the overall collection, I think it's pretty good. I'm a little disappointed in the two reds. I'm no marketing specialist, but here's my unskilled opinion: I think that they should have dropped Thanks So Muchness! (the shimmery red) and changed Off With her Red! to a similar color to TSM. OWHR is very orange... it's supposed to be like the Queen of Hearts, right? Instead, it's a little Queen of Tomatoes. Nice color, but strange comparison.
Second, I think they should have added 1-2 other colors. Personally, I think something inspired by the Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit would have been awesome. They could have done some kind of white jelly with multi shimmer, and a purpley pink of some kind for Cheshire. That's just me.
Last, I think OPI could have done something with nail art for this. Little mushrooms? Yes! How cute would that have been? What about a little tag that says Drink Me? Or little pansies. Little kitty paws... the options are endless! Just a thought.

As a whole, I think the collection is neat. It's inventive, interesting colors... and the mini set is only $12.50. It's a great deal. I will give it a solid B+ :-)


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