Friday, December 30, 2011

Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara Review

I picked up the new Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara recently and thought I'd do a review! I've only used this mascara a couple of times. One was a test overnight to see how it held up, and the other was a normal application in the morning.

This was $7.29 at Walgreens, which I find to be a little pricey for Rimmel, but I wanted to be able to test it now instead of waiting until cheaper stores finally decide to stock it. The tube is certainly cute and eyecatching with it's bright orange color! It's also HUGE. I mean, seriously huge. I'll do a quick comparison in another post of it to Maybelline The Colossal. Scandaleyes literally dwarfs the tube of Colossal.

It doesn't look that large here, but trust me, it is. A small issue with the brush itself is that the mascara collects on the edge of the wand, as it often does with many mascaras. I've found very few that don't do this, and it's usually because they've put bristles on the tip of the wand as well. It's sort of a standard 'fat' bristle brush, not like Lash Blast as those are more synthetic/plastic spikes, but these are actual bristles like you'd find on a hair brush. It's slightly wider at the base than at the tip.

Application is a little bit of a doozy. The wand is very large, as I've said, so it makes it difficult to apply for someone that has small eyes, such as myself. I found it hard to get the outer edges of my lashes (you'll see it in the photos) and I bumped my lid a few times with the tip, so I ended up with mascara on my eyelid.

For reference, here are my naked lashes:

Then here are my lashes after 1 coat of Scandaleyes:

As you can see, the mascara made my lashes noticeably darker and fuller, and added a lot of length. My lashes are decently long but are thin, light colored, and tend to stick straight out and curl at the ends. A good mascara will lift my lashes from the base and I won't need to use a lash curler. This one is no exception -- I get good lift and definition.

This is after 2 coats:

I got a bit of clumping this time because I let the first coat dry a little too long. Adding the second coat provided more volume, but I feel like it weighed down my lashes a little more. I would personally go for one coat with this mascara and be done. The 2nd also gave an opportunity for more mascara to end up on my lids, as you can see. I still had a problem on the 2nd coat with accessing the outer edge of my lashes due to the size of the brush.

Overall, this mascara is good, but not spectacular. It may grow on me as I use it (and it dries out a little more; the formula on mascara almost always changes in the first week or two) but right now, I feel like The Colossal is easier to use. It merits similar results but with a smaller brush that is easier to manage. I love the packaging and the formula is quite nice (I haven't had any bleeding, rundown or fading), but I feel like the mascara suffers overall from the oversized brush. Check this out if you like mascaras like Big Fake from Collection 2000 or Cover Girl Lash Blast.

Grade: B-, grade pushed up because Rimmel needed a 'fat' wand mascara in their line! It's a good addition in that sense.


  1. Oh wow, it looks amazing in that first photo! I just don't tend to get on with those enormous brushes, especially on my lower lashes. I mean, yeah, I could wipe the wand every time but... fehhh.

  2. @Robyn: Pretty much my same issue with it, the lower lashes are nearly impossible and I refuse to use 2 mascaras! It does look nice though :(

  3. Thanks for the review. Looks like a decent mascara. I have found I really do prefer the "comb"/plastic brushes, so I'll probably pass on this one.