Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hunger Games Inspired: Rue

This look was requested by Robyn so I was much obliged... I mean, how could I not? Rue is awesome!

Rue is from District 11, whose specialty is agriculture -- specifically, orchards, grain and cotton. I went with the orchard theme and did my look with mostly greens. I used a light matte pink on my waterline that you unfortunately can't see in photos, but in person it looks like a flower blossom amongst the green or something. I also used a glowy blush to give a youthful look (Rue is only 12) and a pale pink lipstick, again for a younger look. As a side note, I wore an apple printed shirt, just to be quirky ;-).

The photos really don't do this look justice -- 412P from Inglot is a REALLY intense shimmering green with gold flash and it made the entire look shine. 

- Cover Girl Aqua Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer in Fair to Light
- Mac MSF Natural in Light Medium
- Maybelline Super Stay Concealer in Cream
- Hard Candy blush in Living Doll

- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- NYX Jumbo Pencil in Horseradish (quite a thick layer)
- BeautyUK Eyeshadow Palette in Soho, lighter green all over the lid and lower lashline
- Inglot eyeshadow 44AS to darken crease and lower lashline
- Inglot eyeshadow 412P to blend out the crease, and on the inner corner
- Sleek PPQ Palette, eyeshadow in Pink Beret on lower waterline
- e.l.f. Shimmer Pencil in Precious Pink (lower waterline base)
- Wet n Wild Color Icon liner in Green (upper lashline)
- Maybelline One by One mascara (Black)

- Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Silvery Moon


  1. YAY. Poor Rue (Poor 'whoever' is going to be a recurring comment in this series I think! ) I love the idea of a pink waterline with all the green - CUTE.

  2. This is pretty! I hate when cameras wash out color. Does your camera have settings you can adjust? I try and use no flash near a good source of natural light if I can.

  3. @Leticia: I try not to use flash when I photo my looks at home, but often I'm at work and have to use a white wall to take the photos, and have indoor lighting, so I have to use flash. It's awful. It does have some settings and I've found some that don't wash out as bad but it's just a pain to try to get a good photo.

  4. Always wear green - it's definitely your color!

  5. Beautiful greens! It definitely frustrates me when I can't capture exactly what I see! Or when it's not even CLOSE. Urgh.

    I love this, Rue is adorable and I think you really nailed this look.

  6. Oh god I'm craving for green e/s for the moment and this makeup look really gives credit to my craze of the year end! :) Beautiful!


  7. Great look! Loving these green! Very cute top you have on there! And still....I have no clue what this hunger games is you speak of.... I must be behind on something!

  8. i'm liking this soft green a lot! and it worked so well with the colour of your eyeses (gollum grammar haha!)

  9. Love this so much. The silvery lipstick really adds a cuteness to it. I agree with Robyn about the pink waterline. :D

  10. Wow...that is a STUNNING shade of green, especially against your skin tone. It really makes your eyes pop too. Just beautiful! Nice job :)

    By the way, it's been brought to my attention that many people don't see my posts from my blog on their feed anymore, and it could be because I changed my URL. I know you're already a follower of mine, but you probably don't see my posts on your feed. If I could please ask you to head on over to my blog, unfollow it then re-follow it, and then you should be able to see my posts in your feed again! I'd really appreciate it :)

    It's www.hudasbeauty.blogspot.com Thanks so much!

  11. @Huda: I missed reading your blog, that explains it! I'm re-followed :)

  12. Gorgeous! I like the gold and green together, it's kind of Christmas-y!

  13. UNFFF I LOVE green eyes with pinkish lips <3

  14. I loved Rue, I love this look, and I need Silvery Moon like whoa.