Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Full Review of 2nd Darling Girl Cosmetics Order

*Scheduled post while I am away on vacation. Comments will be replied to as I'm able to use the computer, thanks!*

Yaaaayyy I'm finally doing this! I've been using the items but haven't posted the actual review (shame on me, right?)

Here's what I ordered:

- Holo glosses in Goldfinger, Jar of Hearts and Blue Suede Shoes
- Eyeshadow samples in Tragic Romance, Stolen Kisses, My Little Pony, Unicorn and Sugar Minuet
- Blush petit in Framboise

Current prices are as follows:
- Holo glosses - $4.25 for 3.5ml (they were $3.50 when I purchased)
- Eyeshadow sample - $0.60 for 1/8tsp
- Blush petit - $2.00 for 1/4tsp

Susan offers an array of sizes in the blush -- full size, petit and sample and also does full size and sample size eyeshadows. I like the petit blush option because I feel like they're inexpensive but I'm getting a lot of product! She also included a gift with purchase, which was Beginnings eyeshadow (I'm assuming it's full size) and samples of Plum Blossoms and Shower of Flowers. I thought the samples and GWP coordinated nicely with the other colors I ordered.

Onto the good stuff, swatches!

Holo-glosses, left to right: Goldfinger, Blue Suede Shoes and Jar of Hearts

Goldfinger is a clear base with a ton of gold flake suspended within it. There's also flashes of green and orange (you'll see it in the non-flash picture).
Blue Suede Shoes is a pale blue base with blue flakes and a hint of violet shift. (the violet you see in the swatch is contamination from the other color next to it >_<)
Jar of Hearts is a magenta base with purple and pink flakes.

The glosses are beautiful -- they aren't sticky, they go on smoothly and evenly and amp up any lipstick. I love using Goldfinger over reds and oranges and Blue Suede Shoes over purples. I haven't used Jar of Hearts much but I did wear it on it's own and it was quite pretty. They will be sparkly inside but outside the holo flakes come out... think Mac Superglass without the crazy, gross stickiness. My only slight complaint is the doe foot applicator -- it doesn't pull out much product so I end up using a brush to prevent my lipstick from getting into the tube from having to swipe with it multiple times. That's really minor though!

Blurred to show holo goodness!

Feel free to blow this up because I know it's a hot mess. I couldn't get my camera to focus on individual shades and I had to use flash (it was nighttime) so if I brought it closer, it was washing the colors out.

All eyeshadow swatches are over Pixie Epoxy.

Top row: Plum Blossoms, My Little Pony, Unicorn and Tragic Romance

Plum Blossoms is a gorgeous plummy pink with pink shimmer. This color looks so drab in the bag but over the PE, it comes to life!
My Little Pony is a medium purple with a lovely green shift. This is so unique -- I've seen shades like this with blue shift (quite common) but the pale green is so pretty. It really is My Little Pony in an eyeshadow.
Unicorn is a very, very pale blue with white shimmer and some loose pink sparkles. This one is really hard to describe, it changes colors depending on the light and what you pair it with. I'm wearing it today with a pale purple in the crease and it turns it more pink... whereas alone it looks more blue. Perfect name.
Tragic Romance is probably my favorite of the entire group. It's a burgundy shade with a plum and gold shift. That's such a lame description because this color is like 10 shades at once... gorgeous. I want to wear this all over my lid on it's own!

Bottom row: Shower of Flowers, Stolen Kisses, Sugar Minuet and Beginnings

Shower of Flowers is like Mac Violetta in lipstick form -- magenta with a pinky blue shift. Quite pretty as a crease shade.
Stolen Kisses is a deep burgundy with pink shimmer. This is a little darker than I expected but I love it! I've wanted a good burgundy for ages and this is perfect.
Sugar Minuet is from her Hello Kitty collection. This color is also hard to describe -- sort of a blurple but under the flash it turned into a blackened plum with purple glitter. Nice!
Beginnings looks very different in the jar than it does swatched. I may not have had enough Pixie Epoxy on that spot but it's sort of a grayish navy blue with some purple. Not quite matte so more of a satin, but no noticeable shimmer. Odd shade but it's pretty.

The bottom is a horrible swatch of Framboise blush, slightly blended. This kept turning orange on camera but it's a red berry shade.

Here is another photo without flash so you can see the shift in some of the shades:

You'll want to make that full size :-).

Overall, really happy with my order. I love chatting to Susan on Twitter (she is so friendly) and she is always putting up pics of new products on Facebook and letting her customers be a part of the naming process. It's cool to be a part of a little makeup company, even if it's such a small little part! I am a bit obsessed with her eyeshadows at the moment -- I don't get how she creates such multidimensional shades. They're pigmented yet soft and very wearable.

Recommended for purchase! Let me know what you're lemming ;-)


  1. I am currently fascinated by blue glosses right now! ... Would you be able to do a picture of how the blue holo gloss looks over a purple lip (like CG "Divine") & maybe over another color for comparison? (When you return from vacation, that is)

  2. Great review! I've been eyeing some of the Darling girl options so they've moved up my list of indie companies to try!

  3. I have a bit of a collection of medium/light purples with a green shift :P Herbivore from Fyrinnae, Dulcinea from Aromaleigh and Chivalry from Morgana Cryptoria. I still have to stop myself from buying more, they're so lovely! I might have to buy this one for the name alone xD

  4. I just ordered some holo glosses! Now I can't wait for them to get here! I'm such a huge DG fan! Love Susan's products and yes, she is so sweet!

  5. @Mandy: Check out this post: It's hard to capture in real life, but I will try to do a post with better photos in the future!

    @Hebridean Sprite: Yay! They have awesome products!

    @Jade: I'm glad you have a good collection of them ;-) I probably do too but I'm forgetting. There was something odd about My Little Pony... could be the name and me reliving my childhood.

    @The Peach: Woo! What colors did you order?

    Okay, back to the airport terminal now. Our flight to London boards in about an hour!

  6. *flails* HOLY BALLS I NEED the gold and blue holo glosses! I feel like somebody should have notified me that these existed, they're beautiful.

  7. I absolutely love the look of the holo glosses!

  8. Oooh I really want Blue Suede Shoes now!

  9. Man, I must get some bloody holo glosses! I got a sample of MLP and now I wish I bought a bloody full size! Ah well, another order for me!