Friday, May 6, 2011

April Favorites, Mac Chat and more (Video)

I decided to do an admittedly long video about my favorites for April, a small haul and general rambling. I know it's long, you don't have to watch the whole thing. Unfortunately I'm pants at video editing so I couldn't really cut it down. You get a gold star if you sit to the end!


  1. Congrats on your own place!!! That mermaid maybelline quad is gorgeous...can't wait to see some looks with that. I didn't care about the new mac collections either, I just bought Ever Hip and that's it lol. I would love to see that black/blue liner on you!

  2. bed bath and beyond sells makeup now!! wow!! I wonder if mine does too..Im going there AND YAY! u got ever hip..u should so keep..I was iffy when I first got too but now I love it! that lip glee thing looks so nice..I never tried I want to to and I soo agree with you on the rest of collections. I luv the idea with the stippling brush and the dream moose blush..I really gotta try that cuz I stopped using mine and luv that wet n wild lippie combo. I really want to try that covergirl natural lippie..thanks for all the :P

  3. Necklace. Awesome. Green sunnies. Awesome. Divine. Awesome. Maybelline mermaid thing-y. Awesome.

    You're so cute when you're talking about the lip gelee, you look totally in love!

    And, er, you're going to buy LOADS in England, what the hell do you need to take loads for?!

    I swatched that peach blush today... I thought it looked a bit... meh on my hand but I trust your judgment so I'mma get it.

    Shutting up now...