Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guest Post by Lillian: My Top 11 Lipsticks

*Hi guys, I'm currently in England on vacation so while I'm gone I'm featuring a few awesome bloggers as guest posters! Hope you enjoy and be sure to check out their blogs and subscribe!*

Hullo Everyone, I'm Lillian from Funny Faces Place (plug plug plug :P ). The lovely Wendy asked me to share some of my favourite lipsticks with you because lippies are my obsession and apparently I take good lip swatches. And that was alright by me because taking photos of nothing but lip swatches means I don't have to put on a full face of makeup! Great for a lazy bum like me, possibly not so great for you as you have to see my pores, slight moustache and spots!

Now I was planning to make a top 10 of lip colours, but unfortunately it appears I can't count, so we're turning it up to 11! Choosing just 11 colours was insanely difficult, I own so many lip products I could easily make a top ten red lippies, pink lippies etc So I decided it was to be lipsticks only and I had to pick various colours and brands. Unfortunately the usual camera I take photos with decided to die on me a few days ago, so I'm using my Mum's which seems alright but messes with colours a bit, so I'll describe any discrepancies between the pictures and real life. Anyway on with the swatches!

1. First on the list is Funny Face by Nars, this was a present from my Mum some years back, my Mum calls me Funny Face so it was a sweet little gift and so this lipstick has a special sentimental place in my collection. It's also a stunning colour, a sort of bright fuschia with a blue sheen (in real life the blue is more prominent) and I've nearly used it all up as it seems to go with everything.

I think this is a great colour for summer, it's fun and bright and flirty :D

2. Next up is Really Red by Revlon which is one of their matte shades. It's a brilliant red that perhaps leans slightly to the cool side of the spectrum. It's truely matte without being at all drying

I really like how retro this looks, I think it's because of the matte finish and because it's a nice bold red.

3. This is my current go-to lippie, Just A Girl Lip Candy by High Voltage Cosmetics. It's the most amazing pale purple (the photo makes it look slightly bluer than it truly is and in real life it is a little brighter) that manages to be both flattering and look really cool and unusual. The formula is fantastic, creamy and smooth and smells like buttermints.

I've been wearing this a lot during spring, it's not quite a pastel but is pale, light and fresh looking.

4. Now for something truly obnoxious! This is Stargazer number 6. Well it was at least, the tube I have is from about 10 years ago (I know, I know, I should throw it out) and the packaging and numbering system has completely changed since then so I'm not sure if you can still get it :( It's a fantastic truly neon pink/red colour. The photo is pretty true to colour but it doesn't show how truly bright this is. The formula isn't great (well it wouldn't be after a decade!) but it's not horrible, it just wears out quite quickly and smells a bit like a wax crayon.

I wish the photo could capture it's glowy goodness! It's an eye searing fluorescent that actually glows under blacklights. I love it.

5. This is an odd one to be in my top 11 because I haven't actually worn it out yet. But it's such a fantastic deep vampy berry colour I wanted to share it. It's Sephora Rouge Cream lipstick in Bewitch Me 24. It's fantastically pigmented and creamy and just lovely. Also it smells of grape candy, which personally I don't like, but if you like grape flavoured stuff you're sure to like it!

I'm looking forward to wearing this with just some black eyeliner. 

6. I couldn't make a favourite lippies post without including at least one blue one! I love blue lipsticks, perhaps it's to do with my colouring (very pale and very very pink!) but I find them oddly flattering! This one may be my favourite, it's Serenity from Morgana's Cryptoria. It's a bright sky blue colour that is very very slightly shimery with a hint of silver glitter. It's just glorious!

Probably not the most 'wearable' shade of lipstick, but it's so so pretty.

7.  Mac Violetta is a fantastic purple, I think it's actually quite wearable. Sure it's a purple lipstick, but it's not really really bright or over the top. It's certainly not sheer but it's not completely 100% opaque. In real life it looks slightly more pink but it has a tiny bit of blue sheen over the top. It's an amplified cream finish which is my favourite formula from Mac.

I love pairing purple or magenta lip colours with silver eyeshadow.

8. Another lovely pink is Barry M number 145 Punky Pink. It's a sort of cerise colour, a dark, bold pink with a tiny hint of purple. It's loud and packs a punch! The photo makes it look slightly darker than in reality.

  Some Barry M lip paints can be a little dry but this one is lovely and creamy.

9. Another Barry M colour and another pink! This is number 52 Shocking Pink. It's a slightly blue based pink that lives up to it's name. It doesn't actually fluoresce like the Stargazer colour but it looks neon and really jumps off your face! This colour is a little dry to apply but feels alright on the lips and is very long lasting.

 I think this is another great colour for the summer, it's so shocking and fun it just feels right for wearing out in the sun.

10. I'm a big fan of red lipsticks of all shades, here's a lovely dark slightly blackened red colour. It's NYX round lipstick in Snow White. I know NYX are the brand-that-must-not-be-named in the beauty universe at the moment and with good reason, their sale was truly appalling. But I like their lipsticks and this one deserves a place in my heart. The photo makes it look ever so slightly berryish, which it isn't in real life, it's just a deep dark red. 


This isn't the longest lasting of lipsticks but it's got a beautiful sheen while being completely opaque.

And finally 11. This is Mac Kanga-Rouge from the Dame Edna collection. It's quite possibly my favourite red lipstick in the entire world and the only colour I've bought back-ups of. It's a blue based bright red that I find really flattering on my skin tone. It's got a slight glossiness that makes it less high maintanance than the Revlon shade. I don't really know what makes this shade so special, but it's just the nicest, most perfect red for me to wear. 

And just look at the packaging! It's so gaudy and tacky and fantastic!

 Anyway I hope you all enjoyed reading about some of my favourite lipsticks and seeing numerous photos of my lips! If you did I'm doing a project on my blog where I'm swatching every single lip product I own (yeah thought I'd throw in another plug :P) And thanks to Wendy for letting me post on her blog!


  1. I have NYX Snow White, love it, although I find it a tad dark for me. You are certainly brave when it comes to lipstick choices! Great swatches & comments :)

  2. MAC Violetta is OMG, so lovely!

  3. oh wow girl, you've introduced me to some MUST haves! i want everything on the list, even the blue! the first 2 really awed me :D

  4. Love Funny Face and Stargazer #6! You do great lips swatches! Thanks for sharing these with us!

  5. I love MAC Violetta and High Voltage Just A Girl :D

  6. That High Voltage purple is one for me! Where can I get it?

  7. Not to be a creeper, but your lip swatches are absolutely perfect- best mouth shape for it. I adore High voltage's stuff. She's so high quality and budget friendly. P.S. I love that lippie tube too!

  8. I wish Barry M was sold in the states!!

  9. sepia_raven:
    Thank you! I personally think I look better in bold lip colours, so it's not really being brave, it's being vain :P Snow White is awesome, such a nice dark cherryish colour.

    makeup by danisaddiction:
    It is fun to have fun! :D

    It really is lovely, I love purple lipstick and it's such a nice shade :)

    Oh no, I'm an enabler! :D I love the blue, it's a really nice formula too, not like a lot of 'silly' coloured lipsticks which tend to be just for novelty.

    The Peach:
    Thank you! I hope you can still get the Stargazer colour, stupid reformulation! :P

    I know, aren't they pretty? :)

    From here: http://hvcosmetics.zxq.net/lipcandy.html

    Baroque In Babylon:
    Wow, what a compliment! :D I've just ordered some more High Voltage lippies, I hope they come soon, I can't wait to try them. And yeah, it's the best tube ever!

    :( yeah, that sucks. You could do a custom purchase perhaps?

    :D it's lovely isn't it? The tiny bit of silver shimmer really adds something I think.

  10. OH MAN I love ALL of these! I especially love Just A Girl, Serenity, and Snow White. I really nead to get my hands on that Stargazer one!!! It looks like the most awesome colour ever!

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