Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guest Post: Rachel

*Hi guys, I'm currently in England on vacation so while I'm gone I'm featuring a few awesome bloggers as guest posters! Hope you enjoy and be sure to check out their blogs and subscribe!*

Hi guys! Firstly apologies that this post was blank when it first popped up. Blogger went mental and decided not to let me sign in for two days?! I'm not sure what was going on but I managed to get it sorted out.

I'm Rachel and I blog here. Today I thought I'd do a post on red eyeshadow, since it's been a 'thing' this year... And Wendy has covered the orange and pink lips that are big in 2011 :P

Red eyeshadow can be pretty unwearable, even if you're used to bright colours. It can make you look ill or be a bit too Gerard Way... But this is one of the ways I like to wear it.

Aromaleigh 'Spot of Tea'
High Voltage 'Little Red Cap' (outer corner and blended into the crease)
Sleek palette black (tightly in the crease, blended into the red)
Maybelline Lasting Drama gel liner (sorry for the mistake in the liner, I was getting used to the brush)
Collection 2000 Big Fake Lash

Cheeks are Accessorize merged blush in 'Pretty Pink' and the lips are a gloss with no name from Victoria Jackson.
The red shadow blended with the black took on a distinct plummy tone, but in better lighting it was very definitely red. The subtler red tone really contrasted with the green in my eyes: girls with true green eyes would probably find it beneficial to have a play with some red shadow!

Thanks Wendy for letting me have a guest spot!


  1. Very pretty, nice and subtle :)

  2. Awesome! What a great way to make red eyeshadow wearable! Blogger has really been screwing me around alot lately as well :(