Friday, December 3, 2010

Evil Shades Cosmetics Review + FOTD

I placed a teeny order with Evil Shades in early November (or maybe it was right before Halloween) and am just now getting around to reviewing and doing a FOTD! Sorry!! I wanted to do things in the order I bought them... even though most of what I'm reviewing are Halloween shades! Oh well, these are awesome enough to wear year round.

I ordered the Halloween sample set and two additional samples -- Wyvern and Abyss. Pics:

They came in a really cute little skelly bag that I totally hoarded (sssshhh...) and Andrea also included a free sample of their cuticle balm. I am really excited to try it out as I've never used a balm before (my cuticles are really low maintenance most of the time).

I eagerly broke out the samples and began swatching:

Wyvern and Abyss, left to right.

Andrea suggested Wyvern and oh man, I am glad I picked it! It looks so unassuming in the jar (see above) and then you swatch it and it comes to life! It's a pale green with blue-ish sparkle. Absolutely lovely. Abyss is a greyed purple, I love the multicoloured shimmer that is present, even without a base!

Next up, the Halloween set. First pic is all of the colours, then a close ups of a few to show the depth:

(First picture)
Top row, left to right: Eerie, Otherwordly, Witching
Bottom row, left to right: Samhain, Raven's Song, All Hallow's Night

Eerie is a gorgeous shimmering white with multi shimmer, mostly blue.
Otherworldly is a perfect shade of brightened pumpkin.
Witching is a cool sea blue.
Samhain is the only shade I was a bit meh on, only because it is similar to Abyss. That is my own fault though, lol. It's a greyish purple, again.
Raven's Song is a satiny black with orange loose glitter particles.
All Hallow's Night is a bloody, in your face red. Fantastic.

Andrea was very helpful with any questions I had about the products, and very fast with her shipping. I ordered on the 28th and had my items in about a week. So I am quite pleased with the customer service.

The swatches speak for themselves -- the colours are unique and pigmented, even without a base. The quality of the eyeshadows is prevalent.

My only complaint, and I really don't say this as a complaint so much as a suggestion, are the containers that the samples come in. The lid pops open and snaps shut, and for me it caused an issue with overflow from the container spilling out everywhere. Most of the time, I was working on a mat so it didn't matter, but I somehow spilled some of the orange on a white cloth and it just wouldn't come out. It can be a bit of a pain. So if I had to give constructive criticism, I'd say she should try and get screw lid jars or go to little baggies. Even though I kinda hate baggies, these were more troublesome.

Overall, definitely recommended. I love the items!

Anyway, onto the good stuff! For this FOTD, I used Eerie, Wyvern, Otherworldly and Raven's Song, all over Pixie Epoxy. I lined with UD's Zero liner and topped that with Rock Chick glitter liner from Collection 2000.

I really love how the photos turned out on this -- and not bad for my first real attempt at a black cut crease! Enjoy!

You'll have to excuse my terribly red face - I'm getting over being sick and apparently my skin isn't done with it yet. I also need to pluck my brows :(


  1. Omg, I LOVE this! Aaaah! The crease looks a bit Mac Club-esque. Also I have to get Wyvern, it looks beautiful!

  2. I love the Evil Shades Halloween colors! And Wyvern looks awesome! Very pretty look you did with the colors!

  3. You did a great job with the crease, I love it!

    I have always gotten my Evil Shades samples in baggies... I wonder when they were switched to the clamshells?

  4. Ooooh, very nice indeed! Love the shades you've gone for (esp the shimmery white and blue ones) and the FOTD looks fantastic :)

    I'd never really consider wearing an orange eyeshadow but this looks lovely on you

    Never even heard of Evil Shades before but I love new and/or more obscure brands because you know there wont be nearly as many people wearing the same thing ♥