Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Collab Series: Purple Lip Product Swatches

Confession time: I'm a bit of a purple lipstick lover. Okay, maybe not just a bit... maybe I have a bit of an obsession. Okay, let's be really honest... if I see a purple lipstick or gloss, I have to have it.

Robyn from Stay Beautiful, Lily from Beauty's Bad Habit and I all got into a discussion about different coloured lips: purple, orange and red. We then decided that it would be neat to do a series on each of our blogs showing each colour. Robyn will be doing orange lippies and Lily will be doing red ones. Check out each of their blogs as Robyn's swatches will be done on Wednesday and Lily's on Thursday!

Stay Beautiful (Orange): http://eyelinerandspraypaint.blogspot.com/
Beauty's Bad Habit (Red): http://beautysbadhabitblog.blogspot.com/

I've swatched my entire purple lipstick and gloss collection for you! It was a bit of work but I think they came out decently well. There are a few I should redo... but dang, I'm tired. I don't know how these bloggers do this on a regular basis! I had to douse my lips in balm after I got done (and that was with putting balm on between each product).

What are your favorites? Am I missing any from my collection? (oh please, don't tell me... I will have to have it...)

1) Barry M - Palest Lavender: This is a pale purple version of Mac's Viva Glam Gaga, to me anyway. The formula is very creamy; you have to be sure to blot this one. It felt like a lip balm going on and was almost a bit too slick. I love this, but it was a bit garish on my skin tone. I will have to work with it.

2) Mac - Hellraiser (Dazzle Lipstick): I almost didn't include this but the base of this lipstick is a pinky purple. The dazzle lipstick formula is quite interesting -- people either love them or hate them. I personally love them as they are like a lipstick and gloss in one; non-drying and smooth. The glitter can flake and get around your mouth though. The effect is worth it!

3) Mac - Courting Lilac (Glaze) (Limited Edition): This is an interesting purple -- it has a gold sheen to it (see the blown up swatch pic), almost like Trax eyeshadow in lipstick form. As it is a glaze, I find it hard to get even coverage, even though the colour is beautiful. The lipstick isn't drying at all and this is a shade I feel would work on most skintones (the gold shimmer warms it up a little).

4) Milani - Grape Tini: I feel that this is a decent dupe for Courting Lilac, if you happened to miss it. The gold shimmer is not as prominent and shows more as loose glitter, but the tones of the lipsticks are quite similar. I like Milani's formula on their lipsticks -- smooth and even. I almost like this better than Courting Lilac in terms of the formula (though I like the Mac shade in terms of colour more)

5) Maybelline Color Sensational - On The Mauve: This is admittedly a very purple mauve, and also a recent addition to my collection. I really love the formula on the Color Sensational line, and this is one of my favorites. The color is a lovely satin finish with shimmer, not so shimmery that it is frosty but enough to be interesting.

6) Mac - Violetta (Amplified): This was a lipstick I wanted for ages -- and I nabbed it with the Venomous Villains collection. It is a bright, creamy purple with a blue flash. I love topping this with a blue lipgloss for a really unique look. Mac's Amplified formula is lovely albeit a bit drying. It's worth it for the color payoff and lasting power (I can get 6 hours with them); you just need a good balm beforehand.

7) Mac - Up The Amp (Amplified): This is probably my all time favorite lipstick. Ever. It looks different to Violetta in the hand swatch but my photo on the lips looks too similar, unfortunately. They really look nothing alike to me. Up the Amp is a lighter, more pink toned purple. The color application is smooth and even with no effort needed. I recommend this shade to anyone who wants to try a purple lipstick that isn't obvious and in your face.

8) NYX Round - Medusa: I kinda hate this lipstick. The lip swatch you see is the only time I've ever gotten it to apply evenly! I like the shade - it's more of a fig/plum shade. It does remind me of figs, which probably doesn't help to me not liking it... very dark and vampy, good for a night out with a sexy black dress.

9) Mac - Go For It (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition): This is the most true purple of all of these lipsticks. It is a heavily blue based purple, but because it is a cremesheen, it applies a little funny. I think they should have made it an Amplified, but the colour would have been insane and garish (probably). I like the shade, but this is another I have a had time getting opaque coverage with. I find that I have to avoid balm before application and gloss over top is a must.

10) Mac Dazzleglass Creme - Gone Romancin' (Limited Edition): I was never a huge fan of the Dazzleglass Cremes. I have Amourous from a prior collection and it's one of those items I use but don't love. This, I love. The sparkle in it is subtle and yet so lovely. It tints your lips a lovely shade of pale purple. I would also recommend this for someone who wants to get into purple lips -- unfortunately it was limited edition.

11) Mac Lipglass - Perky (Limited Edition): I never realized that Gone Romancin' was a dupe for this. I have no idea what collection this lipglass is from -- I found it at my local CCO and nabbed it. I've never seen much on it but I always loved the frosty purple look it gave. I do prefer the formula of the lipglass over the dazzleglass creme, however.

12) NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss - African Queen: I nearly didn't include this as it's more of a magenta shade, but it does have a purple tone to it. The NYX glosses are one of my favorite types of gloss, but the more pigmented shades are a bit tricky. The gloss is very thin and non sticky so it makes it difficult to apply a more pigmented shade. If I were to wear this out, I would put on a lipliner first.

13) Mac Dazzleglass - Funtabulous: Ah yes, the dazzleglass. So sparkly and so pretty... but so sticky. I have a few of these but admit to rarely using them. I do love this one though! It's a pretty pinky purple with tons of blue and purple sparkles. The dazzleglasses may be sticky but they stay around, so you have to weigh whether or not it's worth it.

Pfew! Are you guys still with me? Now I'm tired, LOL!


  1. I really like plum and mauve lippies, and while I'm not a fan of straight purple lipstick on myself, I like it in gloss form quite a lot as it does interesting things to my natural lip colour *lol* great post

  2. Great post :) I don't think I would wear alot of the colours myself but really like the Mac - Hellraiser (Dazzle Lipstick).


  3. Ohhhh man "Go For It" looks soooo freakin' awesome. I, too, am a tad obsessed with purple lipsticks. I also wanted Violetta but I could never find it. It helps that there isn't a MAC store in my town haha

  4. I think I need to start trying out some purple lippies after seeing this :)

  5. So pretty! I am a fellow purple lip fanatic!!! Have you tried Revlon's Super Lustrous gloss in Lilac? LOVE it!!! Just bought a back up at CVS today as it was 75% off score!!! (hope they arent discontinuing it or I will go back to CVS and stock up!!!).

  6. I have a Gosh gloss similar to Funtabulous which I love! And I need to hunt down African Queen! Medusa looks a lot more fig on you than on me.... Ah, I could say something about all of these! Awesomesauceome post doll :)

  7. I'M BACK!!! I missed you all so much!! I for sure LOVE up the amp, but thanks to this post I found some new ones to luv too..like the maybeline one and the barry m..thanks for this post!!


  8. I think I need some more purples too. I have African Queen and love it!

  9. Hi there, new sub to your blog. What a ton of work this must have been. I LOVE Gone Romancin'...figures it's LE. Great post!

  10. AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGG!!! I can't BELIEVE I removed African Queen from my cart when I made my big order last week!! It looks amazing *sob*

    Love all the purples, and it's so tricky to find ones that won't give you a drowned-corpse effect, so thanks for posting this :D

  11. I love purple lips! You should try NYX Castle and MAC Riveting to add to your purple collection :)

  12. Great post I do love me some Purple, don't you think it odd thought that there isn't really a "true" purple? Even Violetta isn't super bright (I got it with VV too!)

  13. @toshiam: Oooh Castle is REALLY nice, I will have to look for that! And why didn't I get Riveting when it came out? GRRRRRR...
    @Rach: Go For It is a pretty true purple, albeit a bit blue based. A true purple is actually very hard to come by (Lily and I were discussing that on Twitter, funny enough). Most companies don't do them because most people won't wear them!

  14. So many gorgeous purple lippies! Thanks for swatching!