Monday, December 6, 2010

_______ come on down!! (giveaway winner)

You know you love the Price is Right reference. It gets you real, real hot.

I have gone through the painstaking task of spreadsheets, calculations, randomization, witchcraft and a bit of voodoo (nothing major, I've just sold my firstborn child to a hobo) to bring you the winner of my Morgana Cryptoria giveaway...

Really, I just used Random.Org.

the excitement is building...

And the winner is.....!


Congratulations!!! I will send you an email before the day is out to get your shipping information to give to Melissa. Enjoy your items and thank you to everyone else who entered!


  1. OMGGGGG, ooohhhh myyyy goooodddd (doing a super happy dance now)!!! thank youuuu :X aahahahhahaa! i swear i was uber angry this morning as eyeko said they cannot help me with my lost order, but i almost don't care anymore, you obviously lose some and win sommeeee! :X thank you again :D

  2. Congrats to Birminghamlady!!! She is so sweet! :) Great giveaway!!!

  3. Congrats, lady! I'm glad the win helps you feel better about that lost order.