Friday, October 29, 2010

Upcoming Posts: If You're Interested :)

I have a ton of upcoming posts for you guys! Remember how I said that I didn't really have any new products and was sort of not wanting to show FOTDs with the same old same old?

I lied.

In the span of 3 days, I have more "hauls" and new makeup lined up at once than I think I EVER have... so a basic run down of what's to come:

- Sleek Acid Palette Look #3: This will be the last of that series for at least a week or two. I have so many other things to post about... mostly because I bought SO many palettes, need to do looks with them. I'll also have you know that I forgot my brushes today and plan on going home and still cranking out the look at 6PM -_-
- Halloween Party Makeup: I'm doing a masquerade, so will be sure to post outfit, mask and makeup pics of me AND the hubby!
- Stila Backstage Palette Review + Looks: Dunno if this will be two posts yet or not... one for the review and one for looks, or if I will include one look in the review... you get the point.
- Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Singles Review: I have 3 more for you and they're all pretty amazing! One of them is a dupe for Mac but better, go figure!
- Wet n Wild Vanity Palette Review + Look: All of the 6 pan palettes are on clearance at Walgreens... so if you live in the states, go nab them for $2.49.
- Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy Holiday Palette + Look: I found themmmm! I got 3 of the 4 (the 4th had blues and greens which I have a ton of, but I may get because 3 look like Mac dupes...). This is the purple set, comparable to the Beauties Play It Cool palette from Tartan Tale.
- Wet n Wild Golden Goddess Holiday Palette + Look: This is the gold one!
- Wet n Wild Night Elf Holiday Palette + Look: Did you scoff at the name like I did? Any ex or current WoWers out there will get it. But this is the one with the red eyeshadow... mmmm...
- E.L.F. Eyes and Tools Product Review: I took part in their 50% off eye products and hauled 13 items to review :) I will do a bulk review instead of killing you guys with single posts, and probably a few looks with each. Because many of the products I got aren't stand alone, complete FOTD compatible, they will probably be combined looks with other brands.
- Sleek Bad Girl Palette Review + Look Series: YAAAY. I love RaeRae from Red Lipstick and Black Liner :D
- Haul from *drumroll* England: Rob's mum is sending me a load of stuff... MUA, Collection 2000... are you excited? I sure am.
- Evil Shades Review: I did a very, very small order and will be showing some looks and a review!
- Urban Decay Naked Palette Series of Looks: No promises on this one, but it's in my head
- Bird Series: This probably won't be until mid to late November. I wanted to do it sooner but needed some new colours for a few of the birds :)

I have no idea how I ended up with so much makeup...

I've got one other upcoming post that I am VERY excited about... but will keep you all guessing :)

Hope you enjoy everything I've got planned!


  1. You have written it now. That means you HAVE to do it :-P

  2. can hardly wait! can you write them all in one post... like... right now? :P

  3. Patience, my dear :D I haven't even gotten all of the items in the mail yet :3

  4. coolllll~~~!! so many palettes to play with! haha..=))
    Can't wait to read!