Friday, October 1, 2010

Mac Venomous Villains Overall Review + Contest Extension

First off, I am extending my contest to October 3, 2010 at midnight because I just have too much going on this weekend. I wouldn't get around to picking a winner until Monday anyway, so may as well leave it open. Good luck!!
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Let's start off with the good of this review.

I like the idea. I think that a villains collection between Disney and Mac has been a long time coming and I commend Mac for finally releasing one.

I did get two items, of which I love so far, those being Violetta lipstick and Bad Fairy nail polish. I've always wanted Violetta but with it being a PRO colour, and with no PRO store near me... it was a little impossible to get a hold of. It being released WITH Maleficent packaging meant I had to get it. As for Bad Fairy, I've got the Orly Cosmix dupes of the other two lacquers, and I found it to be pretty enough to merit owning. I've never owned a Mac polish.

So, here are some pics, that I know you love:

The packaging is cool on the lipstick, I won't lie. I like the design on the outside of the box, but as you've probably heard many bloggers say... why the lame cop out on the tube? It's sort of cool, but the sketch photo would have been more cool. The nail polish has no special packaging... a point I'll get to later.

I came out of the mall and of course tore into Violetta to try it on. I was going to dinner, but who cared? I would enjoy wearing it for the 15 minutes I had before destroying it.

Swatches (no flash on top, flash on bottom):

Excuse the black streak in the second photo... those greasepaint sticks are no joke. I tried one out at the counter and 3 hand washes and a shower later, the damn thing is still there.

Anyway, back to Violetta. This really is an amazing lipstick! It's purple so it's perfect for any purple lippie lover (me), but has enough pink in it to still be wearable. It's an amplified creme, so you get opaque coverage in one swipe... I do two just to ensure smooth application. Now, these do dry out your lips a little so definitely apply a lip balm first. I don't feel like a gloss is needed with this shade... I have other ACs that definitely need one. Violetta is glossy on it's own... very nice!

I don't have any swathes of Bad Fairy, sorry :( My nails are admittedly nasty atm, I need cuticle balm ASAP. However, here's a nifty swatch of me rocking Violetta with nothing but mascara on:

It's purple. You know I love it.

As for the rest of the collection, I am about to go on a semi rant so if you're not interested or don't want to hear my negative review of this collection... don't keep reading.

I was really excited for Venomous Villains, as I think most Mac collectors were. I saw swatches and collection photos online... that was the first let down, but I still had hope that I would go to the counter and be inspired. I went last night and it just didn't happen for me. I felt absolutely no pull towards any of the products other than what I got. Now, understand that I am not insulting anyone who choose to buy from VV, I don't think that way. I am simply stating my opinion in terms of adding the products to my own collection.

Admittedly, I have become more frugal because I have to be with my financial situation at the moment, so I think that contributed to this as well. Combine not being impressed with the products plus Mac's $1 price increase on all items... it just adds up into a big pile of "not interested".

More specifically, I have issues with most of the products in the collection. They are probably common dislikes... but I'm going through this anyway. I am a makeup blogger and since you're reading this, let's hope you're interested in my thoughts.

Cruella De Vil Collection
- Sweet Joy Eyeshadow: Looks sort of pretty in the pan, but when swatched, I just wasn't a fan. It was sort of chalky and I would imagine that it could make paler skin tones look sallow... also, Mac has a million and one colors like this. Ricepaper, Chamomile, Crest the Wave (paler version of it), Nylon, Ricepaper... you get the point. And those are all permanent colors! Now, don't freak out on me here because I -know- that if you swatch them side to side, they look slightly different from each other. But come on... how many creamy, pale yellows does one need? When they go on the eye, the subtle color differences really don't show up.
- De-Vil Eyeshadow: This is an uglier, chalkier version of Coppering, let's be real here.
- Carbon Eyeshadow: Mac didn't even try on this one. It's a permanent line matte black. It's even a sucky matte black at that.
- Penultimate Eye Liner: Permanent line. Only color is black. Oh joy.
- Innocence, Beware! Lipstick: Now, I will admit to thinking the name on this is cute. But again... how many pale pinky nude lipsticks does one need?! My god, Mac! Angel, Hue, Creme Cup... again, when swatched they may look slightly differently but it's the same effect. I honestly don't like lip swatches of this one. Honestly, it gives the "jizz lip" look. It's not cute. There were also quite a few of these pale pinks released with Fab Felines.
- Heartless Lipstick: Another red lipstick. Supposedly has gold shimmer but I have not seen it in a single swatch. It's a nice red, but I feel like it's awfully close to Russian Red (is that the right one or is it Ruby Woo?)
- Devilishly Stylish and Wicked Ways lipglasses: Wicked Ways is totally pretty in the tube but kind of boring on the lips. Devilishly Stylish looks like Beachbound from To the Beach in gloss form. I mean... it's just see through with sparkles...
- Darkly My Dear Powder Blush - Prism, Cubic, Gingerly, Harmony, Blunt... need I go on? Is there really anything all that special about this shade? I don't see it.
- Her Own Devices Beauty Powder - Beauty Powders are overpriced blushes... you can't use a colour like this anywhere else on your face really other than your cheeks. Maybe as a forehead and nose contour? I'm not sure. It's just not exciting to me.

Cruella really fell flat for me. I also hate all of the packaging. None of the stickers are flattering in the least. The sketch artwork is quite nice but as everyone knows... they used none of it on the products themselves.

Evil Queen Collection
- Her Alter Image Eyeshadow: Pretty, but why do I need a less pigmented version of Beautiful Iris?
- Vainglorious Eyeshadow: It's a modified version of Cranberry... kind of pretty, but I have Cranberry.
- Vile Violet Eyeshadow: Just plain not flattering. It's chalky and applies unevenly... typical of Mac mattes.
- Penultimate Brow Marker: Uh... ok.
- Toxic Tale lipstick: Pretty... but again, we have Coral Polyp (discontinued but everyone and their mother probably has it), Vegas Volt, Crosswires... you get it, I'm sure. It's pretty and it's bright and it's coral... but ok. How about some different coloured shimmer?
- Sinister lipstick: I guess this would look ok on some people, but I think it's sort of boring.
- Strange Potion lipglass: Pretty... but I'm sure it's been done many times.
- Hot House lipglass: Probably the most interesting lipglass, I'm not sure how it pairs up to the lipsticks, but it's pretty. I swear I've seen something like it before from Mac, and I can't put my finger on it.
- Oh So Fair Beauty Powder: Pretty, but it's so pale... and nearly $3o. This is definitely a cheek product. I can guarantee you that Mac has a blush in the same colour for $18.50...
- Bite of an Apple Blush: Now, I have to be fair on this one. I wanted this when I initially saw swatches on some different people. I would guess that Mac has something similar in their permanent line... but the only reason I didn't end up getting this was A) funds and B) I found a Sleek blush that is very close, and a little more pink toned, so it would be better on me. £3.50 versus $19.50 is more appealing to me at the moment.

This part of the collection, was again sort of 'meh' for me. I wasn't interested in anything except Bite of an Apple.

Maleficent Collection
- My Dark Magic and She Who Dares Mineralize Eye Shadows: I've never had much luck with MES, to be honest. I've got Togetherness from the In the Groove collection and it's ok but not spectacular. I'm trying to sell it at the moment if I'm able to because I just can't get good payoff, and I don't like to use eyeshadows wet. The same goes for the ones from the Maleficent collection. Absolutely stunning in the pan, no one can deny that... but when used on the eyes, they tend to turn muddy and just look black. When I tried swatching the pink shade in My Dark Magic, I couldn't get anything but purple from it. The tester had just been put out and the purple had already overflowed and swirled into the pink. Again, pretty... but worth the money?
- Dark Deed lipstick: I see why they put this in here, it -is- Maleficent after all. Temptalia admitted that it was very close to Media... I have to agree. It goes with the whole fall trend of dark red/burgundy lips, so if you're looking for one you can get this with the special packaging and all.
- Wrong Spell and Revenge is Sweet lipglasses: Wrong Spell just looks... wrong to me, sorry. Revenge is Sweet is supposed to pair with Violetta and I just wasn't impressed. I wanted some sparkle and it's just sort of jelly and flat looking.
- Briar Rose Beauty Powder: Probably the most pretty and flattering shade of the beauty powder released with this collection. BUT, it's a cool toned, blue pink and I just think that shade of blush is a dime a dozen. You can find much cheaper brands that do a perfectly good one. As a side note, I actually like the graphic on the front of this one. It's a cool little compact.
- Formidable and Mean&Green Nail Lacquers: What can I say? Orly has identical ones from Cosmix. I know Orly jumped up the prices but I found them at CVS for normal price... $6.99. That's better than $13. I don't know if Mac copied Orly or Orly copied Mac, or if they just happened to be doing identical polishes. Then there's the packaging... we get absolutely nothing on these? Come on, Mac.

I think Maleficent had the best collection of the four. I felt like the "villain" feel was most evident in this one.

Dr. Facilier Collection
- Melon Pigment: It's permanent. Smaller jar. Whoop.
- Brash and Bold: I will say that it's cool that they released this... it's a nice hot pink. But doesn't Mac have a permanent (well, now the pigments are permanent at the counters...) shade that is hot pink as well? How close are they? I haven't seen them side by side. Brash and Bold isn't a straight hot pink... it has a bit of fuschia and blue tone, but I can easily dupe it with a Barry M dazzledust or something similar. Mac pigments hold a special place in the market -- but I just don't see the value in the new jars.
- Push the Edge Pigment: Pretty... but dupable.
- French Quarter and Slick Black Greasepaint Sticks: Eh... I can't get the swatch off of my hand! I know they're supposed to be long lasting, waterproof bases but good god, I don't know if I'd want such strong, dark colors on my eyes. Can you imagine the staining? I've scrubbed my hands a ton of times and showered, and can't get the stain off. I just have a black streak on my hand. You can also do the same thing with a black eyeliner... French Quarter at least has some olive shimmer, but again, meh.
- Resort Life Lip Gelee: I think this is totally pretty. I've never tested a Lip Gelee, much less owned one, but I genuinely though this was pretty. I just think the avatar picture on the front is ridiculous looking. It's so "screenshot-y" and ugly... I'll just search for a regular one without the pic if I really want it. I would feel like I'm using a kiddie lipgloss, you know?
- "Magically Cool" Liquid Powder in Cajun and Truth&Light: I couldn't wear Cajun, ever and I don't find it to be particularly flattering even on skintones that can wear it. Truth & Light is more my thing but the product itself is crap. I tried it and as I tried to blend, whatever they use to make it "cooling" and "liquid" was beading up on my hand. I can't imagine that it'd be terribly long lasting on your cheeks. Also, it's a light gold shimmered highlighter... we've seen that how many times? Mac has shimmer blushes and cream colour bases that look identical, and cost less than $29.50.

I felt Dr. Facilier was the biggest let down. He's got this cajun/French influence and I was expecting Mardi Gras and fun colours, and this is just bland. The offerings were skim as well... less products than all of the rest.

I felt like Mac didn't spend enough time on this collection. I don't know if they ran out of time between planning Fab Felines and A Tartan Tale or what, but this just felt rushed. It felt like Dr. Facilier was inserted at the last second and given a random scattering of products... and he ended up feeling out of place. I don't really feel like he should have been included, I think someone like Jafar (if you're sticking with male) would have been amazing, especially with Halloween coming and Fall where arabic style makeup really flourishes. If you wanted female... how about Ursula? That would have been interesting.

We know about the packaging. Everyone knows I don't like it. I wanted the sketches. Beyond that, I think more personalization for each part of the collection would have been better planned... Maybe a few products with trailing dalmatian spots on Cruella's compacts, or a thorny vine running across Maleficent's beauty powder... the possibilities are endless. I'm upset that Mac threw together what they had. I don't feel like there was really effort on their part.

The truth of it is that most of the collection is already sold out online and in stores. Mac accomplished their goal: to make money. Most people won't read as far into the collection as I did, and it's nothing against Mac for not making a Disney collection -perfect-... I've felt like this for quite a few collections.

We'll see what A Tartan Tale has to offer.

What do you think? What did you get from the collection?


  1. The only thing I was really interested in was Bite of an Apple blush... which Sleek blush is similar? I'm much more excited by all the Hallowe'en collections out at the moment, although I won't deny that lipstick looks bloody gorgeous on you!

  2. yea agreed with robyn i think lipstick looks great on you :)

  3. The lipstick looks great on you! I don't think I can pull this color off very well ;)

  4. Love the lipstick :) Looks awesome on you x

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