Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Makeup Swatches and Chatter

I don't have much in the way of looks to post right now, I am still working through some of my unused makeup and will definitely have some to post soon. I've also been working on another project that I will announce very soon, but not yet ;-)

Couple of things:
I've got a Facebook giveaway for a pair of Ardell lashes going on here:
I usually tend to include other goodies for people so be sure to enter that, it's so simple!

I did a swap with Priscilla (MUJunkie88) and put the videos in this post:
I'm reposting that blog post because I noticed it wasn't getting much traffic, and then I realized that Blogger put it before a post that I actually did prior to it, so that may have been why.

Last, D. Sadie has a 100 follower giveaway going on here:
I'm not entering as I want others to have a chance to win, but I wanted to pass it on as we've been chatting on Twitter lately. Congrats on 100!

Anyway, onto the makeup stuffs!

I hadn't had a chance to show my Inglot palette yet, so I figured I would. I've done some eyeliner-y (is that a word?) looks with it but nothing full on... I'm a bit scared. They're eyeshadows are crazy pigmented! So here's that first:

Top 2 photos are with flash and the bottom is without.

Top photo is flash, again, and the bottom is without.
Left to right: 372, 371, 392, 379, 491

All of them are matte except for 491, which is a DS, or Double Sparkle.

I honestly can't tell you what the prices on these things are. I tried looking at my receipt but it appears that the cashier rung me up for the same items that Robyn got, and then added on my additional eyeshadows as my numbers on the receipt weren't right. Meaning, they didn't correspond with the eyeshadows I got in my palette (I can tell by the website it was wrong). I want to say it was something around £25. Robyn may know as we went together.

Their eyeshadows are fantastic, as most of you know already. If you don't know, go get some! Ordering online is pretty simple too and a lot of blogs are starting to put up more swatches. Temptalia is going through the entire eyeshadow collection but I will warn you that some of her swatches are inaccurate.

I needed to go to Ulta to pick up my tinted moisturizer, and I had a $3.50 coupon so I nabbed a few bits. Funny enough, the cashier scanned said coupon twice so I essentially ended up with a free Zoya polish. I'm including the other items I got for the rest of the post.

The LA Colors palette was from the cheapie store next door, and I was interested in the bright, summery color combo. I have a few yellows from other palettes, but the oranges are what stood out to me.

The Essence eyeshadow was some stupid price like $2 and it's a really lovely red coral, which is unique in a drugstore eyeshadow. Here are swatches:

Top is the Essence eyeshadow, which I believe is called It's Up to You.
The other 5 swatches are from the LA Colors palette, called Fiesta.

I'm looking at wearing all of these colors together for a sunset-y type look, maybe throw in some shadows from the Sleek Sunset palette? Who knows, we'll see! Essence has impressed me lately with their new summer offerings. I've been seeing a lot of blog reviews lately and I want to go back and check out the other eyeshadows (not so much the mattes) and new lipglosses.

This is a bit of a hodge podge of new stuff. Some of it is from England, and some is from Ulta.

Top is the eyeshadow that I got on sale from Inglot, Shine #31.
Left to right (bottom): MUA glitter liner Shade 6, MUA eyeliner in Forest Green, Ulta kohl eyeliner in Halo and Ulta automatic eyeliner in Bronze

The Inglot eyeshadow is a really pretty pale blue with gold flash. I want to pair this with 429P and a darker blue! The MUA eyeliners were sort of must-haves... pink glitter eyeliner? YES. The forest green liner is simply amazing for the price... excellent color payoff. Finally, I really like Ulta eyeliners and I like that they're on sale pretty much all the time. These were 2 for $6. Halo is a creamy off-white, which I prefer over white for the lower waterline, and bronze is a reddy metallic brown. The automatic liners are some of my favorite liners ever... good colors, smooth application and self-sharpening. You really can't go wrong!

Left side, top to bottom (lipsticks): BeautyUK Naughty, Sleek True Colour Coral Reef, Collection 2000 Pretty Please, WetnWild MegaLast 905D Smokin' Hot Pink, WetnWild Silk Finish 522A Dark Wine
Right side is BeautyUK Lip Lust in Envy

For some reason, I don't have a picture of the packaging for this group, sorry! The Collection 2000 one was a dupe for an Inglot lipstick that I wanted but didn't want to pay the price for. It's more coral than it shows in the photo. I thought Naughty was an orange (haha, did the same thing as Robyn) but it's definitely red. I like to pair Envy Lip Lust and the Dark Wine lipstick, really good combo for a night out!
That's pretty much all I have at the moment! I hope you enjoyed :)


  1. Dude, that Inglot palette is freaking calling my name!

  2. So much fun stuff! LOVE the Inglot colors you chose! Very pretty!

  3. LOVE the inglot colours!!! don't be scared of them because when you do put them to full use you'll love them so much!!!

  4. The inglot shadows just looks awesome! and the fun colours in the LA palette are perfect for summer. The other things you got look great too! I'm really loving that periwinkle blue matte inglot shade though! Just gorgeous!

  5. I think the inglot shadows look stunning! I think I might have to get a palette of those soon

  6. Oooh, that Inglot single *is* pretty! I couldn't work out my reciept either, but Jon says they were £27. Crazy Inglot.

  7. Everything looks great, but those Inglot swatches are insanely pigmented and gorgeous! I'm definitely loving them. I wish they were more readily available in the states.

  8. @Huda Kaake: Wouldn't it be awesome if they had little stands at department stores like Mac do?! They have a lot of product, though. It's literally a wall of lip products, a wall of nail polishes... srs bsns. :D

  9. I love your Inglot palette! Those colors are so pretty!

  10. Jumping on the "gah wants Inglot nao" bandwagon.

  11. Ahhh the Inglot 371 and 372 shades are HOT. I shouldn't be surprised that Temptalia's swatches are inaccurate, but I am -___-

    Also, I want everything you've swatched in that last picture.

  12. I'm loving the Inglot palette. I got a 20-palette the other month but you just gave me an itch. Very pretty. =)

    Btw love the blog! New follower.

  13. ... An itch to buy ANOTHER that is, not anything gross. Hhaha.

  14. I like that LA Colours palette! I have a few of them, and even though they aren't the best quality, I find they are fun and worth the small amount that they cost! Also, those are awesome colours you picked from Inglot!

  15. Oh God those Inglot colours are amazing! And all your lipstick swatches look lovely, I particularly like the Beautyuk one!

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