Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wet n Wild Fergie Collection: Primer, Highlighter and Lipstick Review

I purchased a few items from the newest Wet 'n Wild Fergie release, which I believe is called the Centerstage collection. I found these items at Walgreens, and pricing information will be listed for each item.

First up is the Take on the Day eyeshadow primer. This was $4.99 (there are $1 off coupons on the display at the moment as well, so keep that in mind... I only paid $3.99).

The ingredients list is quite long and does include Talc, but there does not appear to be any alcohol in the formula. I've only done limited testing of this product and it will take weeks for me to fully test it, but so far I can say that it works just as well if not better than Too Faced Shadow Insurance for me. The texture is quite runny, so one small complaint I have is that a lot tends to come out of the squeeze tube when you use it. It has a slightly tacky quality even after drying and I feel that it works very well for the price. This will definitely be going in my kit once I buy a second one.

A new line of lipsticks were also released with this collection, called Perfect Pout Lipcolor, and I picked up one color just to try them out. They appeared to be quite similar to the Megalast lipsticks in style and color, so I wasn't too bothered. I believe this was $2.99, but it could have been a dollar more at $3.99.

The packaging is admittedly pretty tacky and cheap, but honestly appropriate for Wet n Wild and Fergie teaming up. I don't mean that in a bad way, but it's not luxe packaging. The lipstick itself has that squared/rounded tip, just like the Megalast lipsticks. This color is Di-Vinely Chilled and is a beautiful shimmering burgundy. I did find this color to be a little drying, and I figured it was because of the sparkle. It did have decent lasting power on me, approximately 4 or 5 hours, but was mostly gone after eating. The little bits of shimmer didn't go everywhere though, which I appreciated.

Here is a swatch of Di-Vinely Chilled on my arm, along with a pink eyeshadow from a Sleek palette swatched on the left with no primer/ on bare skin, and on the right over the Take on the Day primer. You can see the vibrancy and payoff difference between the two.

And here is Di-Vinely Chilled on the lips. This was two solid coats.

Last, but not least, my personal favorite item from this collection: the To Reflect Shimmer Palette in Rosé Champagne Glow. This was $4.99 and is literally HUGE:

It easily dwarfs my hand. Onto what everyone really wants, a closeup of the marbling:

This particular shade has swirls of champagne, pink, gold and a burgundy tone. I would say this is more of a highlighter for light to medium skintones, and a very pale pink blush on fair skintones. It imparts the most beautiful glow, seriously. I absolutely love this and think it's a competitor for Mac's mineralize skinfinishes.

I can't really capture it, but there you go.

That's all I have for now from the new collection, and I don't think I'm getting anything else. See anything you like? What have you already gotten from this?


  1. I'm glad you posted a swatch of the highlighter, I haven't seen anyone else post about that yet. Despite checking at several places that sell WNW, I haven't seen this collection anywhere for some reason.

  2. i have yet to pick these up! ahhh so pretty!

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  3. The highlighter is super pretty!

  4. I haven't seen this yet either. Bah!
    I want to try the MSF dupes, and the eye primer. Heard good things all around!

  5. Goddammit, Wendy, giving me lemmings. :P

  6. Pretty! I like the highlighter. Is the lippie opaque enough?

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