Saturday, January 5, 2013

Shany Cosmetics Eyeliner Gel Set Review + Swatches

As with my last post, for Christmas my husband got me a few things from Shany Cosmetics. I saw a video review on YouTube for these and was interested in the bright colors and using them as an eyeshadow base.

The set can be purchased here:

The current price is $30 but any other time I've checked the item, it's been listed at $20. The prices fluctuate quite a lot on this site so I would recommend monitoring it for a few days before buying. The net weight of all the product in the jars is 5g. For reference, a Mac Fluidline is 3g. Thus, the pots are small and you don't get much product, but these are also inexpensive and hopefully will not dry out before you are able to use one up. As I stated in the other post, our items arrived really fast from this company. 

The set comes housed in a nice box, with a plastic tray holding the eyeliners that slides out as such:

This packaging in particular is quite sturdy, I may keep them stored in this, I haven't decided yet. The jars are plastic with square clicking caps, and a plastic insert to keep the product from drying out.

I intend to use these mostly as cream eyeshadow bases. All of the colors are pigmented, though some had streaking issues. I think when using them as an eyeliner you'd have better luck over primer and eyeshadow than just how I've shown them here on my arm.

01 is a burnt orange/russet brown. Love this.

02 is a medium bright blue and had some minor patchiness issues.

03 is an aqua, again with a little streaking.

04 is a pea/olive green, really unique and opaque.

05 is a medium grey, very pigmented.

06 is a darker, close to navy blue. This was the only disappointing color. It's way different than it appears in the jar and is patchy.

07 is a periwinkle grey blue, really lovely. Little streaky on the eyeliner application.

08 is your bog standard matte black. Very pigmented.

09 is a classic vibrant orange. Very pigmented.

10 is a beautiful plum and again very opaque and smooth.

11 is a lavender-lilac. Another unique shade and surprisingly smooth and opaque for a purple.

12 is a deeper olive green, good pigmentation.

Overall I think that this is an excellent value for the cost. At $20, you are paying less than $2 per pot. While these are similar to the generic ebay liners, I feel like there are a few unique colors in here. I would have liked to see a white, solely because it would make a great base.


  1. I might have to try this. It's $19.95 on Amazon.

  2. I agree, I think a white would have been awesome, thought it is still a good deal.

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