Saturday, January 5, 2013

Shany Cosmetics Smooch Collection Lipsticks Sets 1 & 2

For Christmas, my husband got me a few items from Shany Cosmetics, a brand that I discovered through Google searching for brush aprons. In this post I'm going to be doing an overview of two of their lipstick sets.

Set 1 is sold here:
Set 2 is sold here:

The price listed at the time of writing this post is $18 for each set, or you can bundle both sets and save 20%, bringing the price down to $32.40 (my husband said he paid $12 each for them). The box says "10gx6pcs" for weight, a Mac lipstick is 3g for reference. When I ordered from the company and when my husband did, we both received our items EXTREMELY fast.

The lipsticks come in a cardboard box as such:

The top pulls off to reveal the lipsticks with their gold cap facing up:

Since opening these, I have flipped the lipsticks over so that the number and color face upward, as I also find it easier to take them out. Unfortunately, the packaging is quite cheap (which is to be expected) and the gold tops pop off constantly.

The tube is a long and slender matte black finish with Shany Cosmetics on the cap, and the color and number on the bottom sticker.

The lipstick itself is a narrow twist up style, similar to the Mac Sheen Supremes only much narrower.

The texture of the lipstick is slightly dry, but I wouldn't say it's drying. It's got a soft texture and a slight balmy quality. I would say they are similar to the Wet n Wild Mega Last lipsticks in feel, though those are a little more pigmented.

Swatches of Set 1:

My favorites in this set are 02 and 04. I grabbed a couple of Mac lipsticks to do a quick comparison:

Morange is lighter and more yellow toned in comparison to Shany 05.

Shany 02 is really nothing like any of these but it seemed like it might be in the tube!

Swatches of Set 02 (I messed up the numbers on this, 07 =01, 08=02 and so on):

Set 02 is similar to Set 01, I don't think you need both. The pinky coral (05) in this set is really lovely, and so is the fuchsia, 02.

Overall, for the price, I think these are a great deal, especially for a makeup artist or someone starting to build their collection. I do think that the packaging needs work, but you could easily melt these into a lipstick palette or just superglue the gold caps down.

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