Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Meow Cosmetics Swatches + FOTD

I placed an order with Meow Cosmetics recently as they were having a 20% off sale, and I managed to get free shipping as well. I saw swatches of the Pandora's Box collection and knew I wanted everything, but I limited myself to sample orders from X, Pandora's Box, Zombie Apocalypse and Four Horsemen.

I ordered on October 5, 2011 and received my order on October 14, 2011, so the turn around time was amazingly fast. Everything was neatly packaged in a bubble mailer, and wrapped in a cheetah print tissue... which is adorable.

I ordered samples of the following: (X Collection) Wendigo, Jersey Devil, Grim Reaper, Hidebehind, Mothman, Yeti. (Four Horsemen) Violence, Pestilence. (Pandora's Box) Malevolence, Debauchery, Poison, Indecency, Anathema, Plague, Sorrow. (Zombie Apocalypse) Datura, Brains Over Beauty, Living Dead, Head Shot.

The owner included samples of the eyeshadow Feliner and a blush called Cadillac from their Pink Inc. collection.

As for the website, I found it relatively easy to navigate. The color swatches were clear (I'll get to what was accurate in the swatch listings) and the touches of cat related images were nice. However, I went back today to try and find these collections and could not locate them easily. The "new" sections is stuff from Fall 2010, which is a bit off-putting. I ended up having to find a blog with links to each collection, and getting to them that way, which is annoying.

Samples were $1.00 each, for 1/16 of a teaspoon. I can't tell you much about shipping as I got it for free.

Let's get right into swatches! As always, top is natural light and bottom is flash, colors are from left to right.

Wendigo: This is a blackened teal that leans heavily towards dark green. The website describes it as a 'deep metallic duochrome teal,' and I'm not sure I can get on board with that. I was slightly disappointed with this one as I got none of the teal from it that many people have raved about.

Mothman: This one is quite lovely. It's a medium brown with strong green flash. It looks taupe in some lights but it's really not.

Hidebehind: This is a silvery blue; the website describes it as 'platinum grey with metallic blue fire'. I'd say that's pretty accurate!

Yeti: A gorgeous pale blue with icy teal flash. Very shimmery and quite pretty.

Grim Reaper: This is a deep grey with a hint of red and purple. Initially, it semed like it would be like Fyrinnae Mephisto, but it's way darker.

Jersey Devil: Quite a cool shade -- sort of a lavender pink with purple flash. I did have some minor issues with coverage on this one.

Plague: An amazing olive green with flashes of gold and red. I think this might be my favorite of all of them!

Debauchery: A gold that is nearly olive. I say nearly because the description called it 'olive', when it's definitely more yellow/gold. Bit confused on that, just like with Wendigo. Still very pretty as it's got some pink/red bits in it.

Poison: YOW, this is gorgeous... a very rich, inky blue. It's got a hint of pink as well, but just barely. This is insanely pigmented.

Sorrow: A brilliant sparkling teal... REALLY nice. Another favorite.

Anathema: Another very metallic shade, this is an orange that has a little bit of copper/rust to it. Reminds me of molten lava.

Indency: A silvery taupe with a hint of purple. This is quite a pale taupe and reminds me a little of the lightest shade from the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette. Gorgeous.

Malevolence: Intense red with iridescent bits. Quite pretty, though I have a few other colors like it... I still love it.

Brains Over Beauty: RAWR, this color hates me. I wiped off the swatch numerous times and redid it but each time it looked like this. I can only assume it's something with the formulation. This is a grey with a hint of purpley pink.

Datura: Meow says this is a 'copper infused lime pearl'. I don't quite get the copper out of it, but lime pearl, yes. This one also had some adherence issues, unfortunately.

Headshot: What an awesome name... especially for something the color of dried blood. One word: amazing.

Living Dead: Definitely a blue-tinged platinum, Meow says it's got a "lame-like green iridescent sheen." I'm not getting much else out of it though except for a slight green hint and a bit of pink? Weird.

Violence: Yum. Quite similar to Malevolence, honestly.

Pestilence: Even more YUM. I've been after a rich green for quite some time... most of them go black. Absolutely love this.

Feliner: Free sample, but holy pretty! This is one that I'm fascinated by. It's got a teal like base with an overlay of olive, green and gold. Stunning, and nearly my favorite of the whole lot.

This is the Pink Inc. blush in Cadillac. Quite pretty, and it has a bit of a blue sheen. It's definitely a cool pink.

Overall, I'm really enjoying what I got. I haven't had much time to create looks, but I've got some combinations in mind. I was a wee bit disappointed with some of the colors versus their shade descriptions, as I felt they fell a bit flat. However, the rest of the shades were just gorgeous and Meow has some unique colors. I would definitely order again!

Here is a quick look that I came up with using Indency, Mothman and Headshot. (Teehee!) On my lips is Estee Lauder's Radiant Wine lipstick, and NARS Sin blush on my cheeks.

You'll have to excuse the terrible photos -- these were taken most of the way through the day and I've got a bit of creasing going on unfortunately!

As one last quick thing, because I haven't done it in a while -- my outfit:

Dress - Forever 21
Tights - Unknown, a gift
Flats - Target
Earrings - Forever 21


  1. Ooooh, there are some pretties here! Yeti and headshot are cool :) I only have 2 Meow samples that I got in a giveaway... maybe I should use them :/

  2. These shades look so gorgeous! And your look is beautiful :)

  3. Such clear swatches, I have been spending a bit of time going thru the Meow site this last week and think I might take the plunge next payday and buy some of the samples- esp of the shades you love. Gorgeous

  4. Yay! Isn't Mothman awesome?! I made need the whole X collection...mostly because of the names, but the colors are amazing! I also thought something was up with Brains Over Beauty. Just didn't seem to 'pop' like all of the other Meow shadows I have. I'm hoping they are going to have another sale before the Halloween collections go away so I can place another order!

  5. Ooo Jersey Devil looks gorgeous! I'm adding this to my must try list!

  6. Holy frig that feliner is pretty! What was that one called? Almost looks like Neurotic but I think that one was more black

  7. Ooh, gorgeous colors. I'll definitely have to check this site out. Thanks for sharing. <3


  8. wow, you definitely got some fun in front of you! I love to purchase this many shades at one, I stock up a lot of looks in the mind to create! You to?

  9. Omg these colours are totally fabulous!
    Great outfit and makeup :D


  10. Love the dress, it's a little bit gothic lolita! Great swatches, I see many colours that I like!