Saturday, October 8, 2011

Guest Post: Mai's Aromaleigh Review + Golden Eyed EotD

Hi everyone! My name is Mai and I regularly post at my own blog Portait of Mai. Wendy's all busy entertaining and asked me to do a guest post so I took her up on it. She suggested an Aromaleigh post which was perfect timing since I was anticipating some Aromaleigh sale eyeshadows. I rather like Wendy's format of doing reviews and FoTDs together so that's how I'm going to do my post.

Aromaleigh was a mineral makeup company that had closed down a little while ago but is going through a reopening under new management. While they're doing that they're selling off their old stock of some of their eyeshadows and I picked up four; I got Alohomora, Dark Matter, Fiddlesticks, and Tunnel Vision. The jars have ~ 1.2 grams of product in a 5 gram sifter jar and right now retail for $4 each. You can purchase the eyeshadows and other products here. Be wary though, stock is limited and some of the eyeshadows are already sold out.

Swatches are done in daylight over ELF Mineral Eye Primer.


Alohomora is a gilded bronzy copper with matching sparkle. Super super metallic and it makes me think of antiques.

Dark Matter is a brown/semi-bronze with blue sparks. The best description of it is Ravenclaw in a jar.

Fiddlesticks is a pinky cocoa brown with blue sparks. A color I'd like to wear as a wash over my lids but is pigmented enough to be built up.

Tunnel Vision is a sparkling silvery brown taupe, my favorite kind of taupe. In some lights I do see a hint of purple but it's predominately silver brown.

I love all of my Aromaleigh shadows and these four are no exception. Here's a FoTD I did with a couple of my other Aromaleigh eyeshadows. I apologize if some of the lines aren't all fully filled in, my favorite liner started dying on me so I had the make the best of it.






If I had the ability to, I'd make an animated gif of the progression between my open eyed and closed eyes pictures.

ELF Mineral Eye Primer
Darling Girl Glitter Glue
Aromaleigh Party Dress on the inner 1/3rd of the lid
Aromaleigh Regifted on the middle 1/3rd of the lid
Aromaleigh Alohomora on the outer 1/3rd of the lid and lower lashline
Physicians Formula Eye Booster Liner in Ultra Black
Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Waterproof in Glam Brown


  1. Oooh you did an excellent job of the liner. Very pretty.

  2. Wow! Such pretty colors! Love this look! The liner is amazing!

  3. Super cute liner, Mai! I love those golds as well, they're gorgeous! I never really got into Aromaleigh, I think they closed just as I was discovering Indie stuff.

  4. I love that liner and am super jealous of your liner skills. :P

  5. Hi Mai! I love how you did your liner! Those shades on your eye are just love. <3

  6. Ahhh what beautiful golds! And your eyeliner is perfect Mai. <3