Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sleek Primer Palette Review + Photos

You know the drill, Sleek is awesome, bladdey-blah-blah... this released a couple of months ago and I had one of my usual UK makeup dealers pick it up for me. (Red Lipstick and Black Liner)

I had an inkling that this would be a bad product, I'll admit it. But for £5.99 (roughly $10), I decided to test it out and see how it went.

The packaging is pretty standard. Sleek changes the images on the front of the box but the palette itself is their standard black fare with a lid that snaps shut. The front picture image is sorta boring, but that's neither here nor there.

Oooh... pretty.

Anyone notice that the names don't match up? Yeah. It's been stated on other blogs but I have no idea what Sleek was on when they made the insert sheet. I tried to flip it around, imagine it flipped in half, etc. and nothing really worked. I'm assuming that the green is not called Peach and the red is not called Truffle. It looks like Truffle and Daredevil got switched vertically, which is about the only correction that makes sense.

Anyway, point was is that these won't be labeled. The colors are different enough that you can tell which color in the palette it is.

Onto the swatches:

The top row had pretty good pigmentation, with the least pigmented being the shimmery white and the silver. The blue, purple, red and even the pink are all great though. I rubbed my finger into each color for about 2 circles, then swiped them onto my arm straight down.

The bottom row is more natural colors. The black was surprisingly not very pigmented, with the shimmery champagne shade next to it being a close second. The rest were good, especially the brown. The gold is much more gold in person, my camera didn't quite capture it.

The texture of these is a bit like a wet, waxy lip balm. Sounds gross, I know. It dries on your lid to where you don't have a greasy feeling however. In terms of pigmentation on the eyelid, I used my ring finger and dabbed the color on and had no issues getting good pigmentation with the darker shades. The green took a little more layering. They blend out relatively easily as well so different coloured smokey eyes would be a breeze with these.

Here's the problem:

I wish I could say this was just the primers on their own or after 8 hours. Unfortunately, this is after less than 2 hours and over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, with powder eyeshadow patted on top.

I wore the purple, again with TFSI and powder eyeshadow over top, and it didn't crease as quickly... but it definitely creased (this was the first time I tested it). The first time I used WetnWild shadows, the second was NYX. It's really a shame because the green base brought out a beautiful tone in the NYX shadows that you don't see when you use them over skintone primer.

I don't have particularly oily lids... so I shudder to think what it would do to someone who does have them. I could excuse it if using them on their own merited these results, but with primer? That is just a bad product.

Definite fail.


  1. That sucks. I do use cream shadows sparingly, but NYX pencils, for example, never crease on me. I'm glad I passed this one up, and YES, I noticed the label sheet. What a waste of freaking plastic, Sleek!

    Edit: Captcha was 'arsio.' Ha.

  2. The only time those pencils have creased on me is if I gobbed on too much! Usually even then, it's only a tiny amount and you can sort of flake away the eyeshadow to where you can't tell anymore. This was greasy, nasty creasing... the kind in myths.

  3. Bummer!! I hoped this would be a good palette!

  4. I have oily lids so these creased on me within minutes! Regret buying as now the palette is languishing in a drawer unloved :(

  5. sadly it was stated by many that it is a fail product :( what a disappointment

  6. Wow! I was really hoping that these would essentially be NYX jumbo pencils in a palette, hmmm maybe NYX should make that! I'm glad I'm not getting that in my next trade!

    Thanks for the review and swatches!

  7. Aww, how disappointing. At least I won't be wasting any money on this!

  8. That's disappointing. Thanks for the review, though!

  9. Too bad they crease, you did such a pretty green look :( I had to laugh at how all of the colour names were screwed up, WTF is with that?

  10. LOL 'UK makeup dealers'... I'm glad I didn't grab one for me now, I didn't cause I just don't use coloured bases often.

    Hope everything else was more pleasing!

  11. Glad I saved everyone some money! >_<

    @Vulcan_Butterfly: My husband and I were talking about it and trying to figure it out. It's a small company so everything is probably made in house... how could you mess that up? lol!

    @RaeRae: Yessss! I'm wearing the MUA lipstick today, actually. Looooove. I've used all of the glitter liners too. Oh, actually, I'm wearing the taupey brown MUA loose shadow today too!