Monday, April 11, 2011

Fitting Room #2 (Haul Video!) and... bloopers

A lot of people seemed to like this when I did it for my Forever21 haul... so I decided to do it again! This is a collective haul over the last month.

- Forever 21
- JCPenney

There's much more info in the video... let me know if you like these types of videos!

Andddd... the bloopers:

I hope you enjoy! The bloopers part was just for fun :)


  1. You have such great dress sense, I dress like a total tramp!

  2. Aww thanks! I try but I end up returning or not buying so many things haha!

  3. Love the video! When I first saw the title I thought you took a camera into an actual fitting room with you! Haha! You have got great fashion sense! Love your clothing reviews! Wish I could find cute clothes that fit. I have the opposite problem, I'm 6' tall and can't find things long enough without being too baggy! :(

  4. I love the bloopers...I think it's so awesome that your hubby helps you with filming your vids!!