Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hard Candy Fox in a Box Review + Swatches

I FINALLY found one of these at my local Walmart after over a month of looking... it wasn't like I was checking every day, but if I was in there, I'd check to see if they had any. I finally saw this and one of the duo bronzer things and decided that the blush color would be more flattering on me.

One of the blogs I read regularly reviewed a lighter shade here: http://productrater.blogspot.com/2011/03/review-hard-candy-smooth-talker-blush.html (Justine is awesome, check her blog out!) and so I became interested that way.

First off, how CUTE is the packaging? I'm a sucker for polka dots and the little box is just adorable.

A comparison to my hand so you can see how tiny the box is. I have small hands (read: I have to buy children's gloves) so this little box is just perfect for traveling.

The box opens via magnetics to reveal a little square pan with 4 different shades of 'blush'. There's also a little brush attached to the inside but it honestly looked scratchier than a mountain man's beard... so I left it there. The box closes magnetically and is pretty secure. The outer packaging is cardboard, but I don't feel like it's crazy flimsy... just lightweight. This contains 0.20oz (5.7g) of product, which is a pretty decent amount for such a small little box. The price is around $6, it may be higher in some areas but as my Walmart is always destroyed, the price tags are always missing.

I got the shade Spicy & Sweet which looked dark in the pan but lightens up on application.

I swatched each section separately and then along the bottom did a swirled swatch:

As you can tell, the farthest right shade is the dominant color in the palette while the one next to it helps to lighten it and make it glowy/shimmery. I don't see much of the two left shades, I guess the brown intensifies the shade and the lighter shade neutralizes red tones? Not sure to be honest.

This looks really lovely on the skin and is well-pigmented without making you look like a clown. I can give it a good swirl with my powder brush maybe twice and then apply it, and it's just the right amount and blends easily. I get pretty good wear out of it... about 6-8 hours before I see any noticeable fading. I use a foundation primer so I'm guessing that helps it to last longer. Even when it does begin to fade, it leaves a nice glow behind.

Top photo is with flash and bottom is without. I don't have any foundation on in either pic so my face is a bit blotchy, but you get an idea of the color at least.

Overall, love this. Great blush for the price and the size is perfect for traveling! Recommended for purchase :)


  1. looks good. The packaging is kinda cute too :)

  2. Oh my, your skin is beautiful.

  3. I luv this blush! Hard candy is at Walmart right? It looks really good on ur skin tone too..I want this blush now..lol

  4. Super cute! I want to come to the States just to raid Walmart, ha ha! Reminds me a bit of Benefit's Sugarbomb.

  5. thanks for reading my blog :) glad you liked the blush.

  6. Awesome! I really need to try these, they look like a great alternative to Benefit's powder boxes.