Thursday, April 21, 2011

Inglot Look #1: Spring is Definitely Here!

I haven't played much with my Inglot palettes because I have this thing where I won't toy with something I'm unfamiliar with if I'm low on time. I'm in a rush most mornings to get out on time so that my husband isn't late (we carpool) so that means usually relying on stuff I use all the time and am comfortable with.

Well... boredom at work ended in this. I like the Inglot shadows, they need a good base but they are easy to blend out. It took a little work to pack on the lighter purple, but I like the overall look.

As for the lipstick, I picked it up last night looking for another "my lips but better" shade. I tend to buy really vibrant lipsticks and then have no natural looking ones. Needless to say, I love it! I wanted something like:

I love the shades of lipstick she wears, even though she's blonde... so that being said, Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Darling would be good on a blonde ;-)

- Physician's Formula tinted moisturizer in fair to light (review coming)
- Mac MSF Natural in Light Medium
- Maybelline SuperStay Concealer in Cream
- Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in Light
- Maybelline Dream Mousse blush in Peach Satin

- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Inglot eyeshadow 60A
- Inglot eyeshadow 14AS
- Inglot eyeshadow 72A
- Inglot eyeshadow 15AS
- Inglot eyeshadow 395P
- Physician's Formula black gel liner from blue eyes set
- Maybelline Define a Lash Volume

- Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Darling

Just as an additional thing, I'm posting my outfit of the day (mostly so my friend Amanda can see the dress we talked about on Facebook, haha)

Cardigan: No idea, maybe Papaya
Dress: Forever21
Tights: Target
Shoes: Target


  1. Cute outfit! What a lovely face you have. I like the color placement a lot. I am a blonde and the color I use for that sort of look is L'Oreal Fairest Nude, really sheered out with a yellow gloss like Mary Kay Cream & Sugar or L'Oreal Soft Nude.

  2. Thanks for the tip! Darling is a little less pink than it shows on camera, my camera likes to add red to things for some reason!

  3. That is a killer shadow combo! Love it. I need to find some neutral lippies that aren't metallic/glittery/blue shift, lol.

  4. I can easily bring you some when I visit, mwahahahaha

  5. awesome color combo!! I am so glad u are using ur inglot!! what a great look and I feel u on looking for the MLBB lipstick..idk if I will ever find it myself!
    I love the dress too.. I am wearing an F21 dress today as well :D

  6. Beautiful!! I love this look. I have Darling! It looks really good on you!!

  7. Love the dress! I love your outfits of the day! It seems that no one wears dresses anymore, and dresses are my favourite!

  8. @Vulcan_Butterfly: They're so much easier than pants, haha! I have trouble finding them so dresses are just easier to throw on and go lol

  9. Super pretty eyeshadow, I keep meaning to do a sunset-y look but don't for some reason!

    I was just at Walgreens and passed on Darling, I knew I should have gotten it!

  10. LOVE the eyeshadow combo, and Darling looks fantastic on you!!