Monday, November 23, 2009

LOTD: Smokey Teal

Okay... okay... I lied. This isn't my look of TODAY. But it was a look of mine that I'm posting here instead of just on Facebook. I loved this one :)

I did a muted version of this during the day. Just use a clear gloss with some gold shimmer and don't use the dark brown in the crease, instead just use the lighter.

- NARS makeup primer (it's a sample, seems to work pretty well but man is it expensive)
- Mac Select Moisturecover concealer in NW20
- Mac Studio Fix powder foundation in NC25
- Bit of translucent powder

- Clinique All About Eyes cream (under eyes)
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Sephora Eye Brightener pencil
- Mac e/s in Shimmermoss (all over lid and in the bottom inner corner)
- Mac e/s in Amber Lights (crease and into inner corner, also under eye in center)
- Mac e/s in Folie (on brows, mixed with Lucky Tom in crease)
- Mac e/s in Lucky Tom (from Hello Kitty palette... same as above)
- Sephora e/s in Pearl #8 (I really wish they'd name these... brow highlight and inner corner highlight)
- Sephora mini eyeliner in Glitter Brown (top and bottom in waterline)
- Ulta eyeliner in Golden Eyes (bottom waterline)
- Maybelline Colossal mascara in Classic Brown

- Mac blush in Prism
- Mac mineralize s/f in Gold Deposit (only just above the blush)

- The Body Shop lipstick #11/Plum (I would more recommend a lipstick like Twig from Mac or any nude pinky brown... I need to get one)
- Mac dazzleglass in Get Rich Quick (GORGEOUS)
Quick tips:
- Don't use 2 coats of the mascara I used. I knew about this and had forgotten, man does it flake horribly.
- For the darkening of the crease, use a small shader brush (example: sephora's small shader #23) and mix the two colors together, then create a V in your outer crease, blend, but don't blend too heavy. It may take a few layers to get it dark enough. Bring the color down into your lower lashline as well.
- Pairing this with a teal nail polish = hot


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  2. Like to see a little more teal and the gold more pronounced. Lip color is great.

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