Friday, September 9, 2011

Sleek Oh So Special Palette Review + FOTD

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The Sleek Oh So Special Palette.
This released in July, and I believe it was limited edition. You can still find it on and more than likely at local Superdrugs. This is available only in the UK, but Sleek does ship to the US for a hefty price. You're better off finding a UK lady that will send you one!

You get twelve 1.1g (0.03oz) eyeshadows in a palette, for £6.49, or around $11 (USD).

The palettes come with a plastic overlay insert that has the names of each shadow printed on. This particular palette contains neutral tones: lots of pinks, greys and browns. I think it's an interesting array of colors. It also has their signature matte black.

Swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance:

Bow is a soft matte white, it's got a hint of ivory. It's not chalky really but instead quite smooth.

Organza is a shimmery champagne pink with a slight hint of bronze. Very pigmented.

Ribbon is a medium pink with a touch of coral. Decently pigmented, satin finish.

Gift Basket is a cool shimmering brown with pink undertones.

Glitz is a gorgeous and highly pigmented pewter grey.

Celebrate is a matte dark chocolate brown. Fantastic pigmentation for a matte; it may even have a satin finish.

Pamper is a pale baby pink, slight shimmer. Very smooth.

Gateau is lighter than Pamper and has a gold sheen. It's also got barely a touch of lilac. 

The Mail is a medium buckwheat brown. Again, this seems like a matte but it's nicely pigmented and not chalky at all.

Boxed is a grey brown, nearly taupe.

Wrapped Up is a deeper purple brown.

Noir is a matte black.

Top photo is natural light and the bottom is flash:

I hesitated a lot on this palette because I wasn't sure how much use I'd get out of it. That is still to be determined but I absolutely love the array of colors in this! There's a lot of pink tones but none of them are ruddy or red so they won't make your eyes look awful. I think my favorite shade is Gateau... it's pink-gold-lilac and just gorgeous.

The look I created is actually for The Makeup Heroes channel, which I have sadly neglected, but I won't give away what it's for yet :) You just get to see the look! I'm pleased with it, more than I expected to be, but when I film the video, I may change the lid shade. It's weird not having eyeliner on my upper lash line though. Also, I hate Maybelline The Falsies. I can't believe it's taken me two tubes to determine that.

- Cover Girl Tinted Moisturizer in Fair to Light
- Maybelline Superstay Concealer in Cream
- Mac MSF Natural in Light Medium
- Mac Prim and Proper blush (high cheek contouring)

- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Sleek Oh So Special Palette: Organza and Gift Basket mixed on the lid
- Sleek Oh So Special Palette: Glitz on the lower lash line
- Prestige Total Intensity eyeliner in Strong Slate (lower lashline and waterline)
- Maybelline The Falsies mascara (Black Drama)

- Boots No. 7 Gloss in Whisper


  1. I love the Ribbon colour!! :D the look is lovely!


  2. i like the shimmery colors a LOT in this palette...great look that you've created

    Vonnie of

  3. I don't like Maybelline the Falsies either lol. I love this look on you...I did a look similar to this the other day! I felt weird without eyeliner on the top lashline too lol.

  4. That palette looks awesome! The look you did with it is simply stunning!

  5. Very pretty look! I also hate Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama. The Falsies = good, Black Drama = NO.

  6. YUMMY. Please use Ribbon as a blush :D

  7. I loveee the eye makeup you did,really makes your eyes pop :) x

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