Thursday, August 4, 2011

Swatch Fest: Hi-Fi Cosmetics + Total Fail FOTD

A few weeks ago, the lovely Wendi a la Makeup Zombie (click that link, you know you want to) sent me a load of samples from Hi-Fi Cosmetics from her own personal collection. I got them and promptly squee'd as she had sent me -19- colors to swatch and use for my girly needs.

See? She sent me a literal load. Let's get onto swatches! (Top photo will be natural light, bottom is flash)

Left to right:  Morals in a Hole, Millions of Peaches and Grapevine

Left to right: Reflections of Self, Dead or Alive and London Bridge

Left to right: Aphrodisiac, Emptiness and Lies and Morbid Faith

Left to right: Hell Frozen, Dark Carnival and Lithium

Left to right: So What, Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll, and Rusty Axe

Left to right, then bottom: Raid the King, Savage, Beautiful Tragedy, Lost and Lonely

Yow, I really love all of these! Overall, the shadows tend to be HIGHLY shimmery. The only one that wasn't was Raid the King (and how amazing is that color?!). The shimmer is interesting in a few of them because while they're all shimmery, they have different shimmer finishes, if that makes sense. Some are light shimmer that change in the light while others are heavy glitterbombs with multitudes of multi glitter thrown in throughout. I love Grapevine, Raid the King, Beautiful Tragedy and Aphrodisiac, if I had to pick favorites.

Unfortunately, only two of the colors are still available on Hi-Fi's Etsy shop. They have an Artfire shop as well but are currently closed due to an overwhelming number of Heartsy orders. It is possible that more than the two colors are available on the Artfire shop, but I am unable to access it to tell you for sure. On Etsy, she has Rusty Axe and Aphrodisiac still available.

From what I've seen so far, definitely recommended for purchase! I feel that the shades are unique and fun. They are quite loosely packed so you'll need a sticky base to apply them over, as usual with loose powder shadows.

I tried my hand at a FOTD and assembled colors that I felt went together. I loved how the look turned out so I took my camera with me so I could photograph it at work (as usual). By the time I got to work, the shadows had creased! I was so upset as the colors were pretty. I think I used too much Glitter Glue (still testing that) so I don't blame the shadows or glitter glue but myself as the user. For the look, I used Beautiful Tragedy on the lid, Morals in a Hole in the crease, Dark Carnival to darken the crease, and Grapevine on the lower lashline. Lips were e.l.f. Sociable lipstick with Mac Funtabulous Dazzleglass over top.

Well... on the plus side, my lips looked good.


  1. If that's your failure then my successes are abysmal, lol. You look flawless as always! ^_^

  2. I must check Hi Fi out - I have been meaning to for the longest time!!!

  3. What fail? Nob :P I love Hi Fi... Morbid Faith is one of my favorite blues. I'm wondering if she still makes Raid the King as I've been after it for a while and it's not been on Etsy for months :(

  4. fail?? you look great!! love your lips, its an awesome colour.
    Grace xx

  5. Morbid Faith and Hell Frozen are awesome!

  6. I must say, I'm a little dissapointed. I came in here expecting a total epic fail and what I got wasn't even half-bad!! Lies! I wanted smeared lipstick and 80's eyeshadows up to the temple!!

    I kid, we're all our toughest critics. Those shadows are so beautiful and shimmery though, it would be hard to go wrong. I love Morbid Faith the most of all of them.

    P.S. I'm having a $200.00 giveaway, you should check it out if you're interested

  7. Booo - I *like* the eyes. And the lips. So :P on your "fail."

  8. Oh man, gorgeous look! Not a

    Oh and I'm glad you liked them.

  9. LOVE!!! Beautiful and its not a fail! =D

  10. Whats wrong with this look? I think its great! Love Dark Carnival! One of my favorite Hi-Fi colors!

  11. I love your lips, the color and the sparkle!
    The shadows looks amazing as well!

  12. There is nothing wrong with this FOTD! You look gorgeous girl!! The swatches are really beautiful. First time I am hearing about Hi-Fi! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Quit your bitchin fool, this stil looks ace! Some of those shadows are just amazing, I can't wait until the shop is back up to normal. I LOVE Morals in a Hole, Emptiness and Lies and Hell Frozen sooo nice!

  14. Awesome look! I love Dark Carnival!

  15. Omg all these look awesome. I think the only one I own is Raid the King and I lahhhhhve it. I def need to get Morals in a Hole.

    That lip combo is HOT and I didn't even notice any creasing. I've had the same issue with the Glitter Glue though, trying to figure out the optimal amount :) still having better results than with PE though.