Monday, August 15, 2011

Darling Girl Cosmetics - New Eyeshadow Swatches!

A few weeks ago, Susan, the owner of Darling Girl Cosmetics, choose me as the 'face of Darling Girl', and in receiving that amazing honor, my eye swatches will now be up on the site and I will also be working with Susan to test new products. So, this is a bit of a disclaimer as I have to let you guys know that I received everything in this post for free. However, this does not affect my honesty with the products and I would never lie to you guys about the quality of anything reviewed on this blog. If I say I like it and you should run out and buy it, trust that I'm telling the truth as I would never do otherwise.

From now on, posts featuring any free products will have a corresponding disclaimer at the end of the post.

Now that the heavy stuff is over, let's enjoy some swatches, shall we? I think Susan did an amazing job with this batch of eyeshadows and there are some definite MUST haves.

Ready? Hope so! We've got a lot to go through.

Left to right: Abbey Road, Atlantis and Aurealia.

Abbey Road is a pale silvery bronze with strong silver shimmer.

Atlantis is a medium blue with violet shift.

Aurealia is a yellow chartreuse with noticeable red sparks.

Left to right: Barbarella, Bijou and Blue Bonnet.

Barbarella is a bit of a weird shade. It shifts between a peachy gold pink, to a coppery shade under flash. Extremely hard to catch accurately.

Bijou is a brownish grey green (yeah, seriously) with strong green and pink flash.

Blue Bonnet is a sky blue that shifts lighter as light hits it. Nearly pastel, but not quite.

Left to right: Blue Monday, Chantilly and ChiChi.

Blue Monday is a greenish marine blue with silvery pink shift. Really amazing.

Chantilly is a bronzey taupe with slight coppery undertones.

ChiChi is an olive brown with loose magenta sparkle. The sparkle, when used on the eye, is quite subtle.

Left to right: Creampuff, Crucible and Curious.

Creampuff is a pale purple with gold sparkle.

Crucible is a really fascinating chocolate brown, heavy metallic finish and a slight burgundy twinge. There's also a load of gold woven throughout.

Curious is a pale taupe with pink and bronze sparkle and shift.

Left to right: Danceteria, Dark Ember and Dark Heart.

Danceteria is an insanely glittery pale silver, loaded with mostly green and pink sparkle. Absolutely fabulous.

Dark Ember is another stunner, this is a rich metallic red, very slight copper tone.

Dark Heart is a metallic dark purple with subtle pink shimmer (and one I was telling EVERYONE about).

Left to right: Evil Empire, Flourish and Jetfire.

Evil Empire is a burnished gold with slight green undertones, and gold sparkle. There's some pink sparkle in there as well. This one is insanely metallic, even in natural light.

Flourish is a medium metallic blue with aqua shimmer and gold sparkle. One of my favorites of the group.

Jetfire is a rich dark blue with purple tones and a bit of purple sparkle. This is like liquid metal blue when applied over a sticky base.

Left to right: Jeweled Taupe, Jinx and Jubilee.

Jeweled Taupe is another stunner and one that I think will become one of Susan's best sellers. This is a purpley pale taupe jampacked with magenta and goldish sparkle.

Jinx is a coppery tan with teal sparkle.

Jubilee is a medium aqua w/ a slight green tinge, and dark blue glimmers.

Left to right: Legion, Luxe and Midnight Sea.

Legion is a burgundy toned brown with purple and silver glitter (sort of, this one is hard to describe).

Luxe is a yellowed gold, very metallic and glittery.

Midnight Sea is one of those weird aqua-blue-purple shades, this has some turquoise shimmers.

Left to right: Mojo JoJo, Ruby Slippers and Wahini.

Mojo Jojo is a really interesting medium yellow, satin finish. Under flash it has a slight twinge of pink and a little bit of blue sparkle.

Ruby Slippers is a hot red-pink with lighter pink shift. This shade is like butter to apply, surprisingly so for such a pigmented pink.

Wahini is one that I've shown before... but it's pretty so will do again! This is a dusky teal with very subtle pink shift. It's almost like Blue Monday but not really. You can tell the difference when they are applied.

Susan currently has all of these listed in her shop in the New Shades section of Eyeshadows.

My personal favorites are Mojo Jojo, Ruby Slippers, Blue Monday, Flourish and Dark Heart. Oh, and Dark Ember. Oh, and like... all of them. What are your favorites? Would you order from Darling Girl?

I feel like Susan does truly unique and well thought out colors. You have to blow up the photos to see the dimension, and you really have to see them in person to fully get how nice these are. I was swatching them and literally going 'OOOOHHH' every few seconds, in absolute wonder of how colorful and unique they were!

I'll do a review of the body care she sent me soon, so stay tuned :)

DISCLAIMER: Post contains products sent for review by owner. This does not change my opinion of said products and I received no monetary compensation for this review.


  1. Cream puff and Jubilee are definitely going to be added to the next order I make.......along with like, a zillion other things!
    I love DG because many of the colours Susan creates are very complex and unique. I've not been able to say that about any company other than Fyrinnae.

  2. Wow, what beautiful colors! I'll be checking this site out for sure.

    And congrats on being the face of daring girl cosmetics!!

  3. Need 'Jewelled Taupe'.Need 'Jewelled Taupe'.Need 'Jewelled Taupe'.Need 'Jewelled Taupe'. *Runs round in circles* 'Flourish' is also calling my name...

  4. I like the look of Bijou and Evil Empire. Not sure I'd order shadows though, just cos I already have too many :p

  5. Evil Empire looks interesting!

  6. So many pretty colors! I'm excited for you to be the face of DG! Thats awesome! And Susan's products are amazing!

  7. Congrats on being the face of darling girl. these colors are beautiful. i want them all.

  8. Creampuff, Dancetaria, Evil Empire and Jeweled Taupe. Get on my face. I got a sample of Mojo Jojo with my last order and nearly pooped, it's so cool!

  9. Dark Ember & Dark Heart <3 Dark Ember & Dark Heart <3 Dark Ember & Dark Heart <3 Dark Ember & Dark Heart <3 Dark Ember & Dark Heart <3 Dark Ember & Dark Heart <3 Dark Ember & Dark Heart <3 Dark Ember & Dark Heart <3 Dark Ember & Dark Heart <3 Dark Ember & Dark Heart <3 Dark Ember & Dark Heart <3 Dark Ember & Dark Heart <3 Dark Ember & Dark Heart <3

    ...need I say more???

  10. Congratulations on getting choosen! You totally deserve it!
    Colors are beutiful... I am sure that some will make great nail polishes... that is the only reason I buy eyeshadows/pigments =P

  11. Congratulations hun! The eye swatches I've seen are absolutely stunning- and the swatches to see how these look just "flat" on skin are great to see how they compare!

    I think... They ALL... Need to be mine...
    I need to win the powerball :p

  12. All the earth tones and reds are beautiful. <3
    I wouldn't buy greens and blues, not my thing.

  13. I already ordered a few of them , but now i see your swatches i want more :D

  14. Congrats! You deserve it. Yeah, I have a list of ones I want. I guess that means I will have to order them: Abbey Road, Bijou, Chantilly, Creampuff, Curious, Dark Heart, Flourish, Jeweled Taupe, and Wahini.

    Yep, I need those.

  15. All of these shadows look really pretty!!! I've never tried anything from this company before but I have always heard such awesome things about them!

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