Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Darling Girl Pretties: Swatch Fest!

I got my Darling Girl order from last month on Friday and I was SO excited to use everything... but I had to be a good beauty blogger and swatch everything for you first (well, I cheated on the lip balm, k?)

I've talked about Darling Girl a lot on my blog, but in case you're new... you can order from http://darlinggirlcosmetics.ecrater.com/. The owner's name is Susan and she is absolutely lovely.

Here is what I ordered and the price:

Last Dance Liquid Kiss Luxe -- $4.25
Stay Beautiful Kiss Me Tinted Lip Balm -- $4.75
Raining Blood Holo-Gloss -- $4.25
Glitter Glue - Glitter Fixative/Foiling Medium -- $6.75
Stargazer (sample) -- $0.60 USD
Gargoyle (sample)
Polaris (sample)
Shangri-la (sample)
Groovology (sample)
Frolic (sample)
Electra (sample)
Cydonia (sample)

I received a petit sized eyeshadow called Brat as a gift with purchase and free samples of Susan's latest eyeshadows, Jeweled Taupe and Wahini. My order date was July 15, 2011 and I received my items on July 29, 2011 (they shipped on July 27).

First up, let's take a gander at the lip products:

(I blurred the 2nd photo to show the glitter in the glosses)

Left to right: Kiss Me Tinted Lip Balm in Stay Beautiful, Liquid Kiss Luxe in Last Dance and Holo Gloss in Raining Blood

The Kiss Me Tinted Lip Balm is just fabulous. Not only is it named after my mermaid princess Robyn, but the color is beautiful. It's an orangey coral with a slight pink/violet sheen in certain lights. The formula is moisturizing and smooth as all get out. I wore it to work and it actually lasted through eating and had left some color behind nearly 9 hours after application, which is amazing for a balm! As for the color, observe:

You can just barely see the violet pink shift it but it's there.

Last Dance is my first Liquid Kiss Luxe and I like it. It's a lilac pink with multicoloured (but mostly green) sparkles. I'm wearing it today over Up the Amp and I have to say that it's an amazing combo. This gloss is a strange consistency. It's not glossy like you would think, it's more like a creamy product with a ton of glimmers.

Raining Blood was a must have for me as 1) it's a Slayer song and 2) it's blood. The color really does look like congealed blood and suspended within it are copper shimmers. I can't wait to wear this over a red and vamp it up!

Next, eyeshadows (all over Pixie Epoxy):

Left to right: Stargazer, Gargoyle and Cydonia

Stargazer is a near matte medium hot pink. In the bag, it looks slightly orangey, strangely enough. This over Pixie Epoxy applied a little funny, but that was Pixie Epoxy and not the shadow, as you'll see later on.

Gargoyle is a olive green with bronzey copper flash. So hard to describe and a really unique color. I'm not sure what I'll pair this with but I'll find something ;-)

Cydonia is a cool color, not only because it's the same as my 'name', but because it's a greige with gold shift. This one was a little hard to swatch because I couldn't tell if the color was right or not... I think this is how it's supposed to look!

Left to right: Frolic, Polaris and Electra

Frolic is a little more pink in person but it's a magenta with strong violet shift. Gorgeous and exactly what I was looking for.

Polaris is - you guessed it - a warm taupe. Sorry! I love taupe! This has a strong silver flash but is darker than the average taupe, and has very soft turquoise and orange glimmers.

Electra is a chartreuse green but darker than what I would normally think of when I think of chartreuse. I need to swatch this next to Mac Lucky Green.

All together now!

Left to right: Groovology, Shangri-La and Wahini

I have to apologize about Groovology as this picture is COMPLETELY color inaccurate. It's a very very very strong blurple and my camera picked it up as blue. It's not at all. I want to apologize 10,000 times because I just couldn't get a color accurate picture of this. Anyway, it's lovely.

Shangri-la is less taupe and more brown in person. It's lighter than Polaris for sure but they look similar in photos. There's a bronze flash to this shade as well.

Wahini was the only one that gave me a bit of trouble and I think, again, it was Pixie Epoxy and not the shadow. This is another matte shade (but very soft and satin like), and it's a darkened blue-teal.

Jeweled Taupe (left) and Brat (right)

HOLY GORGEOUS. Look at Jeweled Taupe. Look at it. Look at it again. Susan is going to have to make this by the truckload because I will give a sample of this to everyone possible. You don't just want this, you need this. This taupe has a very strong silver flash and a load of rainbow sparkles, mostly pink though. Stunning.

Brat is another stunner -- for some reason this one photographed fine but Groovology lost its marbles. This is a violet with pink shift and a load of turquoise sparkle. I actually want to pair Jeweled Taupe and this together!

There's Groovology being a meaniebutt again :( Sigh. At least you can see how much darker Shangri-La actually is.

I haven't had time to test the Glitter Glue much so for now, I'll just have some preliminary comparisons to Pixie Epoxy. I'll do a more detailed review when I've had time to properly test it!

Stargazer and Electra. Pixie Epoxy is on the left and Glitter Glue is on the right. As you can see, GG doesn't cause Stargazer to go all funky like PE does... PE hates mattes. (this is a new swatch, by the way, not the same as the other you saw earlier in the post). I definitely prefer Stargazer over GG. With Electra, there isn't much of a difference except that the base comes through stronger over GG. It's really strange how you think you're getting the most out of something until you see it next to a different product. I won't say GG is superior yet but just looking at swatches, I already prefer it.

Overall, as usual. I love everything. I really feel like Susan puts out some of the most unique products you'll find in the indie market or even the makeup market in general. Two thumbs and two baby toes up!


  1. Raining Blood looks so awesome. So so so awesome. Swatch soon, please! I wanna see that one in action. :-)

    And Jeweled Taupe is so beautifulll.

  2. HNGH I can't wait to get Raining Blood, it shipped yesterday! Squee! Stay Beautiful looks awesome on you, I knew it would! (Still giddy about that!)

  3. @Mandy: Already have plans to wear it over the red I got from my elf haul later this week :)

  4. So many pretty colors! Love all three of those lippies! I have also been loving the glitter glue. It should definitely be a staple in everyones collection, along with Pixie Epoxy! Thanks for the swatches!

  5. these are so pretty! i cant wait to see raining blood over the red. its such an awesome color!

  6. I just got my first Darling Girl order today and everything looks beautiful. I wonder why I just ordered just a sample of Blue Suede shoes, I need that in full size. I already planing my next order....
    The tinted lip balm looks amazing.

  7. So many pretty colors! Thanks for the swatches!


  8. I *need* Raining Blood and Stay Beautiful :O

  9. Ooh nice haul. I love the taupes!

  10. Wow, these products look like they are very high quality! Also, what awesome names they have (Stay Beautiful, Cydonia, Raining Blood)!

  11. Beautiful swatches! I've heard such amazing things about the glitter glue - I think I'm going to have to give in and order some very soon!

  12. Would love to see those orange and bronze combos you got for a FOTD. You have liners, shadows...etc. Make it POP.