Friday, August 10, 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics: Not An 80s Band Collection Review + Swatches

I have to apologize -- I've had these for a while and have just now been able to post swatches of the colors! I've only done a little playing with a couple of the colors, but I am probably going to do a Darling Girl Week here on the blog soon so I will be sure to use some of these then!

Left to right: Miles From Nowhere, Tell Me Now and On the Hunt

Miles From Nowhere is a really interesting shade as it shifts color depending on the light. It looks grey but then shifts to a gold with lots of sparkle.

Tell Me Now is a orangey red with strong pink sparkle.

On the Hunt is a grass green with a slight brassiness about it.

Left to right: After You've Gone, Cut Me Deeper and No Sign of Life

After You've Gone is a beautiful shimmering silver with a slight purple undertone.

Cut Me Deeper is a metallic blood red.

No Sign of Life is a vibrant blue that shifts to a golden teal in certain lights.

Left to right: Shooting Star, Blue Silver and Dancing on the Sand

Shooting Star is a medium pigmented black with a ton of silver and purple-ish sparkle. It some lights, it's nearly a dark purple.

Blue Silver is as the name suggests, a very metallic blue-based silver. Darker than After You've Gone.

Dancing on the Sand is a medium tan with a soft blue shift; this would be great to blend out the crease on a brown or black smokey eye.

Left to right: One Night Stand, Razor's Edge and Lonely Satellite

One Night Stand is a gorgeous peach with pink shift. One of my new favorite eyeshadows!

Razor's Edge is a metallic red with what appears to be blue sparkle lurking about. It's darker than Tell Me Now but lighter than Cut Me Deeper. The finish is also more metallic than Cut Me Deeper (whereas that one is mostly sparkle).

Lonely Satellite is the only one that had some minor patchiness issues; it is a blackened blue-based purple with silver sparkle. 

Overall, really loving the colors and finishes of the shadows in this collection. Susan had some trademark issues with an outside company and had to rename many of these shades; you can purchase them here.

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  1. Predictably, I love No Sign of Life.

  2. Heh, we all know who it is anyway, haha! PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME NOWWWWWW. I love One Night stand.

  3. Ooooh Dancing on the Sand is so pretty. Wants!

  4. I love No Sign Of Life, such a pretty green :)
    Hi i like your blog and i was thinking how about we follow each other..
    Tell me what are you thinking :)

  5. No Sign of Life is really jumping out at me! Blue Silver is pretty awesome too!