Saturday, February 11, 2012

Recent Photoshoots - The Pro Pics!

I've been really busy lately with photoshoots and I haven't had much time to blog, I am so sorry! I've put a shoe collection video up for The Makeup Heroes, you can watch that below:

I've gotten the professional photos back from some of the shoots I've done recently and I figured you guys would be interested! (Note that there is one bra shot in here so if you're uncomfortable with boobies, well... yeah.)

I showed you a couple of my shots from this one a little while back but here are the better ones! I loved her eye makeup. As I said before, the eyes were all Inglot and the lips were Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Siren.

I know the bottom doesn't show the makeup but it is an utterly AMAZING shot. I did a purple smokey eye on her with the Sleek Bad Girl palette.

Next up is the shoot from last weekend, one that I organized. It was vintage themed and in total we had 8 models, including myself. It was a TON of fun and the photos came out amazing. I'll just put the wall of them here...

I cannot tell you what was on each of them but it was mostly the Urban Decay Naked Palette, my Inglot neutrals palette, a bit of the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette and assorted other neutrals. I should have written down what was on their lips, but for sure I can tell you that the first model is wearing NYX Chaos, the polka dot corset model is wearing MUA Shade 1, the blonde with the blue  flowery dress is wearing Mac Morange and the model in the 2nd photo is wearing Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Flame.

Last, but not least, I did a bit of modeling... and I was terrible but I will show you the photos anyway. I quite liked my makeup (even though I had to reapply my falsies 3 times... no problems on any of the models but on myself? UGH.) and I was wearing Lady Danger by Mac, for the record.

What have you been up to recently?


  1. Love all the photos and especially love the last photo of you :-) So beautiful!

  2. You did a fantastic job, and I LOVE the photos of you!

  3. Love the makeup! All of the models are beautiful! And you are an excellent model! Love how your pics turned out! You look so classy!

  4. The makeup looks fantastic, and the photos are great :D

  5. You look absolutely friggin' gorgeous Wendy! I love your hair and the earrings you're wearing too.

  6. do have some shoes. Enjoyed the video. The pics for the photo shoot look great, especially you. Going to your Facebook page to see more of the Vintage Photo Shoot.

  7. AWESOME PICTURES!!! I think you look great in the photos, Lady Danger was perfect on you.