Monday, September 13, 2010

Lame post, but important... EDITED

For now, I've got some items to sell and if any of you ladies are interested, please leave me a comment... I've got a green card application to fund :(

Usual sale statements:
- I do ship internationally, USA and Canada starts at $2.50 and goes up depending on how many items you buy. International is relatively inexpensive and if you buy a lot, I will use a flat rate box
- I only take non CC Paypal payments
- I ask that invoices be paid within 48 hours of being sent to you, if you need longer to transfer money into Paypal, please let me know in advance
- I am horrible at pricing things, so please make me an offer!
- If I have multiple requests for one item, I will handle them one at a time and the item will be auctioned to the highest bidder via PM.

Everything is brand new in box, all purchased from my local Mac counter or from my local CCO. These are mostly backups that I honestly don't think I'll ever use.


- Landscape Green
- Crystallized Purple
- Brash and Bold

- Redhead MSF

Nail polishes:
- Vestral White
- Violet Fire

- Fab Frenzy Superglass
- Boy Bait Cremesheen Glass

- Peachstock (Liberty of London)
- Purple Rite (Style Warriors) SOLD

- Banshee eyeshadow
- Birds and Berries eyeshadow (Liberty of London)
- Minted Eye Kohl (This is the only used item - used once)

- Joie de Vivre SOLD
- Florida
- Optimistic Orange
- Dirty Plum (Liberty of London)

- Moroccan Oil Moisture Renew Shampoo - Brand New
- Moroccan Oil Moisture Renew Conditioner - Used 2-3x

Happy shopping


  1. I would love me some purple rite!! do want to just PM on MUG to get my email for the pp and price or do u want me to post it here?

  2. You can PM me on MUG :) and we can do it via email, it's easier as I'm at work and the emails pop up on my screen!

  3. Hi!
    i am interested in purchasing the Joie de Vivre blush! but sorry, i know you said to make an offer for prices but i really dont know what price to start with! :D do you have an idea of the price range you wanted to sell it at? let me know :) thank youu!

  4. Can I be really cheeky and ask you to hold Redhead MSF? Until my student loan comes in... I don't mind if it's too much to ask, especially if you've had offers from someone else! I can PayPal on the 27th, so I know it is quite a long time to hold it.

    DM me on twitter or email me on x

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