Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I make that Pimm's O'Clock...

Hi guys! I'm RaeRae from Red Lipstick and Black Liner and today I get to play with Wendy's blog!

I decided to do a tutorial celebrating summer in a kind of nostalgic way as it comes to a close... And if you're a  Brit (we all know how Wendy feels about Brits... ) nothing is more summery than Pimm's!

So I've done a look inspired by Pimm's, including all of the classic elements...

Go under the jump for the tutorial...


Cover the entire lid with primer, as usual, and use a pale shimmery cream base product, like a cream shadow or gel liner.


As everyone knows, you have your Pimm's in lemonade! Put a pale shimmery lemonade yellow in the crease, taking it upwards towards the brow so it's clearly visible (rather than keeping it strictly in the crease)


Mint is the finishing touches to a Pimm's, and luckily for us, also the name of a colour. Put a mint green shadow in the the inner corner of the eye and blend into the yellow in the very inside.


Use a shimmery lush green next to the mint, taking it to the middle of the eye. Blend it with the mint green, but don't worry about the yellow at the top.


Although it is gin-based, Pimm's is an ambery-brown colour, so fill in the rest of the space on the lid with a golden brown, taking it into the crease above your cucumber green. Blend it with the yellow and the green.


Not a component of Pimm's, but important in makeup. Use a matte highlight colour to blend out the lemonade yellow and a touch of the yellow to make sure the brown is nicely blended into it.


Trace a thick-ish line around your lips with red lipliner, and then smudge smudge smudge it with your finger so that it gradually disappears towards the centre of your lips.


I lost the closeup of my lips, but you can see it in the full face... Orange lipstick to the centre of the lips, in the space left empty of red lipliner!

I left the cheeks alone and just finished the eyes with mascara (no liner, shock horror!)... And there we have it, Pimm's inspired summer nostalgia!

I hope you enjoyed the look :D


  1. Pimms ftw! Love this idea! Might do it tomorrow :)

  2. Wow great tute....Must try it....Love the eye makeup!!! Great blog.