Thursday, April 15, 2010

Delays :(

The bf's flight got cancelled out of Gatwick due to the cloud of death apparently floating overhead fresh out of Iceland.

He should be here Saturday afternoon, pending any further cancellations.

That means no Bohemian/Acid looks until later in the week :(

Sadness. It's been 3 months... what's another day huh?


  1. It's a volcano! Maybe I should have got you that Storm palette...

  2. You're gonna love the Acid palette soooo much! And Bohemian!

    ... And seeing your lover. But mostly the palettes.

  3. Better he is home safely (with your palettes, obv...;))

  4. @Raerae: I know... I mourned a bit for both.
    @Lillian: Ikr! Couldn't it have waited a day?!
    @Eden: Definitely. I was very upset this morning thinking they may take off anyway and something would happen to him... yeah. Very scary.

    Best part is? We almost rebooked him to Thursday morning but he was thinking he was working, and that he couldn't get there in time for the flight. Guess who didn't go to work and guess which flight made it out just before the airport was shut down? Yeah...

  5. I will try to ensure that the palettes are kepts protected from the volcanic ash. If it can do that much damage to an airplane, what will it do to the makeup? I am implementing emergency containment proceedures forthwith...