Thursday, April 8, 2010

Clinique Sheer Moisture Tint

Just a quickie review...

Gave this sample a go this morning. I was given "light" and told that it would match me well.

I normally like Clinique products, but this -- this I was not impressed with. I have pretty dry skin and after applying this, it made my face shiny and oily. It wasn't attractive. It also really did nothing in the way of coverage, even for a tinted moisturizer. I ended up having to apply my Mac Studio Fix powder over top to try and mattify my face.

Also, the color was too dark for me. The powder lightened it up but I feel like it's oxidizing on me (checking it in the mirror every hour or so). For reference, I'm NC20-25 in Mac.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I also felt like it highlighted my undereye circles! Maybe they're just particularly bad this morning but after I applied it, I felt like they were glaring out at me in the mirror.

Last thing I didn't like -- the smell. It smells like band-aids :(

I'm sort of disappointed. I'm glad that this was only a sample, I have enough for 3-4 more days use and I think I'll use it up and move on. Maybe CoverGirl's tinted moisturizer? What do you ladies think?

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