Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Overview: Sinful Nail Colors

"You know that I love you boy, hot like Mexico, rejoice..."
Sorry, listening to Lady Gaga.

Anyway! Today will be a quick overview/review of Sinful's nail colors. I've seen them at Walgreens and Target so far, and they usually retail for $1.99. Also, they go on sale for buy one, get one free quite often. I only have three colors at the moment: Frenzy, Nail Junkie and Show Me the Way. Please excuse the stock photos, my camera is on the fritz at the moment.

Frenzy is a gorgeous color of purple, dark blue, medium blue, and fuschia glitter. It has a clear base and does not really have a jellylike consistency. This is my favorite of the bunch: I did a cute mani the other day with just using this on the tips of my nails. Got a lot of compliments.

Nail Junkie is an absolutely stunning color. It's a teal/aqua jelly base with a load of what appears to be gold glitter, but upon closer inspection, it's actually multi colored (almost rainbow) and varying sizes of chunky glitter. I love this color! (Currently my mani color). It really is one of those statement colors.

Show Me the Way is the last color I have. I got this because I have no other greens like it... it's a semi metallic, glowing "pea soup" green. I didn't know if this would flatter my skin tone, but once I applied it, I loved it and got a lot of compliments. Definitely go for this if you want something different.

Now, to discuss the polishes overall. I love all 3 of these colors. First off, the formula is decent. The brush is a good size and I can coat my small nails in 2-3 slow swipes. I like that they are slightly angled, but I do find that they are sometimes hard to get into the sides of your nails without hitting skin (which is bad when you're doing glitter... it doesn't come off!).

My main issue with these is the dry time. I had no issues with Frenzy, I did my tips and by the time I was done painting all 5 fingers, the first finger was ready for a second coat. However, SMTW and Nail Junkie were AWFUL. I tried doing SMTW in a bit of a hurry and it looked awful. Even with my Seche Vite top coat (which dries super fast), those were still completely jelly and tacky over 5 minutes later. I know I am impatient with my nails, but when you're letting each coat dry for 2-3 minutes and the top layer is complete jelly? Not acceptable. However, for $1.99, they're pretty awesome. Professional? Not so much. Nail Junkie is stunning, but after I spent over 30 minutes last night trying to get my nails right (my left thumb and ring finger just were not drying), I can't see myself reaching for it all the time. Definitely fun to play with though!

Overall grade: B-

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