Saturday, January 16, 2010

Battle of the Glitter Liners

Contestant #1: Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner
Color Tested: Distortion (described as iridescent)
Price: $18
Size: 0.25 oz
Where Available: Sephora/, Ulta and and

Contestant #2:
Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Glitter Liner
Colors Tested: Hustle and Dancing Queen (silver/black/blue glitter and multi pink glitter)
Price: £2.99, around $5.50 - $6.00 depending on the exchange rate
Size: 0.33 oz
Where Available: In the UK mostly, at stores like Boots and Superdrug. I would also try eBay.

I will start out by stating that I know that the Collection 2000 item is not the easiest thing to find. But I still have gotten asked by friends to compare these two products and what I think of them, especially because of the huge difference in price.

I got the Collection 2000 eyeliner first, in Hustle. It was on one of my many trips to England and I couldn't believe how cheap it was. This color is GORGEOUS. I used it when I was going out clubbing over there and it just added that extra oomph to my makeup. It is black and silver so it's pretty versatile with a lot of different types of makeup. I got Dancing Queen from my boyfriend for Christmas (oh yeah, he brought me makeup from England... <3)

Excuse the crappiness of the photo. My camera has been overloaded the past few weeks with picture taking so my batteries are hurting, and I don't have anymore so I had to snap the photo quick. So anyway. Look at the color payoff! That is literally one swipe. I can pretty much do my entire eyelid across in one swipe. I have to say that I love these two for the fact that they are so pigmented for such a low price. The only negative thing I can think of is that they do sometimes take a bit to dry, as with most gel liners. I usually just keep my eye closed and fan a piece of paper over each eye. I generally don't have fallout issues with these, so they are a little difficult to get off. Even after washing my face, I sometimes still have bits of glitter running down my face. But it's okay. For $5, I'm in love.

Next up is the Urban Decay liner. I only have one (and it's a full size that came with the Stereophonic eyeliner set... love!) and that is Distortion. As with the other two, this color is stunning. It's iridescent but I find that it leans a bit green/purple. This makes it a great winter color. I went ice skating and put just a little on the inner corners of my eyes, and got a ton of compliments. Someone told me that the ice on the rink was reflecting off of the glitter particles and making my eyes twinkle. Very pretty.

Yeah. I had to use a stock photo. This color is impossible to photograph without flash and unfortunately, when I do flash, it washes out my skin so much that you can't see it. That leads me to my issue with this glitter eyeliner: little color payoff. It's very pretty, after 4 or 5 swipes across the eyelid... it will then actually have some color. I don't know if this is the case with all of the colors, however. I'm assuming that it being white/clear glitter is the problem. I also have a small issue with the brush. It's a bit dinky and narrow for applying over pencil eyeliner (which is what I do with these), so you have to go over twice and try to make two straight lines. However, as I stated above, this color is so pretty for winter and I love adding a little to feel like I'm a little snow princess. What girl doesn't like being a princess?

My overall opinion is that I'd rather pay $5 instead of $18. It may just be this color, but I just don't see $18 in this product. If I had bought this separately (i.e. not in the Stereophonic set, which I adore), I honestly would have returned it. I debated buying a few of these when I first got into UD's products, but I'm glad I waited and got it in the set. The main positive to the Urban Decay is simple: they are more available in the United States. I think that if you are able and come across them, you should check out the Collection 2000 liners. I am also impressed with their eyeshadow (I got one for Christmas).

Another alternative is the NYX glitter liners. I haven't used them so I wont comment.

(Usual disclaimer is that all of these products were purchased by me or family members and the companies have not influenced my opinions in any way.)


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