Thursday, March 3, 2011

Z Palette Review (Video)

Here you go!


  1. paper mache huh?? that does cheapen it!! and I agree that they are a tad overpriced..I had my dad get me thick steel plates from his job and I made my own palettes from those cheap CS empty palettes. BTW I got my thin steel sheet and they work fantatstic!!! The have such a tight clasp and those magnets that z-palette sells are crap!! waste of my money IMO..I have been working all week but I plan to make a post on this soon about it, but you can get the steel sheets on Ebay from that link on MUG

  2. Your necklace is pretty!

    The fact it came dented - I know that's the postal services fault - puts me off. I know shipping is rough but if they're not durable and the magnet is poopy, what's the point? Also - BOOOO MAC. Stop making us buy your bloody crap, which IMO is what they're doing if they're making their pans non-metallic :S I'm gonna follow Lilys tip and make a fishing box palette! Great review hon!

  3. Great review Wendy! ;) They're definitely overpriced! I much prefer this one :

    Yeah, it's not so fancy and pretty, but it gets the job done. It holds 28 mac sized eyeshadows and if you remove the divider it holds even more! ;) x

  4. @Jess: Thanks for that link, btw :) I'm ordering some this weekend because I just can't find them locally. The craft magnets won't even work.

    @Robyn: Everyone loves the necklace, haha! It's from Lia Sophia (shameless plug). The dent thing put me off too... not sure if it was the postal service or what because the outside packaging wasn't damaged at all, it was almost like it came like that or worse, it was a return that someone had scratched up =/. The magnetization thing irritates me a little too, as I said above even my craft magnets won't stick on the Mac pans!

    @Stavroula: Ooooh those are nice! Will have to look at getting one maybe!

  5. Yep they're nice, I've also reviewed them on my blog and you can actually see how many mac sized eyeshadows they fit without the divider ;) x