Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Paranoia's a bitch, isn't it, Lela?

You guys know the Glittersniffer drama, I won't go into it here. Countless other bloggers have gone on about it and if you want more info, go to this website:

Lillian did a master post of links and an overall summation of the situation here:

I wandered onto the Glittersniffer Cosmetics Facebook page, out of curiousity. I'll be open here... I follow Glittersniffer Complaints on Facebook. I'm not going to lie about it. It's an informational blog and the crap she's pulled deserves for her ass to be thrown in jail.

I noticed a customer having issues with getting their package and then asking why the company was under fire for it's products. She also said about people being allergic to some of the pigments and sort of defended Lela and the company. I sent her a private Facebook message, which I'm posting the entirety of below (removed her name, obviously) just as an "FYI" tool:

(click to make it full size)

She sounded okay, right?

About 3 minutes later, THIS happens:

Is she serious? You reported my Facebook? You've got some serious paranoia issues that you need to get sorted out, love. Maybe you shouldn't be running a business.

Go on, shut my Facebook down. BTW: I work for an attorney and can have your company shut down in a week. Try me.

EDIT 4:47PM: The following was posted:

Someone requested that she be given my name so that she can block me. You know that Lela probably did this on her personal account. There is now a heated debate going on the Glittersniffer page regarding this. Screenshots to come.


  1. .

    Issues. Most definitely, issues.

    I think that she's going to complain to FB so much that FB is simply going to start disregarding her complaints as improperly filed. Effectively, she's crying wolf.

    Look at the bottom line, because FB sure will: who brings them more money? Lela Warren and her Makeup of Many Brands, or all those FB people who view ads served up to them on the FB platform?

  2. Excuse me but... BAHAHAHAHA. Lela is such a joke. Glittersniffer is so pathetic that I keep my bf and family updated on Lela's latest stupids and we all laugh. Her little hearts at the end of everything make me want to puke ♥

  3. I can NOT stand the stupid hearts she puts after all her comments. Get a grip Lela! (This is why I un-followed GS and the Complaint's page..I get all heated. lol)

  4. @LiAnn: haha that would be awesome... and you're exactly right.

    @Heather: I KNOW. That's why I did it. I cannot believe she reported me... for what? Harassment against some other person? Uhhh... guess I'll report her back for giving out my name to her customers, even though that's technically not illegal either.

    @Makeup Zombie: See above =P, no really... I get heated too. I normally stay out of it but I happened to check GS for something and saw the girl asking questions.

  5. Doesn't reporting you for no good reason count as harassment - you should report her.

  6. @zillah1199: I'm not gonna bother stirring the pot. However, if I get proof that she gave out my name... I will light a fire under her ass so hot that she won't be able to put it out. Promise.

  7. Adding this to my post :P
    She is so so pathetic. You didn't do anything wrong in the slightest. I really honestly think she's needs help. And I have a mental illness so it's not something I say lightly. Well in a way I hope she is ill, because if not then she's just the most disgusting, despicable human I've ever encountered.

  8. maybe you hit a nerve and the things really are true! theres no real reason to report you in the slightest


  9. Wow. Just wow. I've been keeping relatively quiet about this issue but it has gotten totally out of hand. What is wrong with that person? I can't believe she contacted you and reported you. I honestly don't even know what to say.

  10. Ugh, it's appalling that this company is still around. And even when she's shut down there's still the possibility that she can just start a new one. Ugh!

  11. Haha she's so odd... Who sends a message like that?! 'I've reported you ♥ ' What is the ♥ there for?! To soften the blow of the great Lela Warren possibly reporting you to the Gods of Facebook? Because it's like a tic at this point? Because she has ♥ OCD? Freak. ♥

    Also 'unwanted contact'. HOW can SHE report YOU for contacting SOMEONE THAT ISN'T HER?! Does. not. compute. Idiot.

    If she gives your name out as having harassed someone then surely you could do her for slander or something? Sending a reasonable, polite message to someone, receiving thanks for said message and leaving it after ONE more message does not harassment make. Harassment is a crime so she can't just wave accusations about, even if nobody does believe a word she says.

    P.S. ♥

  12. Personally, I don't understand how she's still allowed to run a business. NZ is quite backwards when it comes to a lot of its laws, but consumer rights are -very- progressive here, and are quite possibly some of our strongest laws. The mere fact that she's been blatantly misleading her customers regarding the products is enough, here, to warrant a MASSIVE fine and being forced to pay for prime time TV advertising just to apologize. And that would simply be the beginning to a long list of investigations, charges and fines. I find it impossible to believe she wouldn't see jail time.

    The only thing that shocks me, regarding this woman, is the fact that she's being allowed to get away with it. It's extremely unsettling.

  13. WOW ... amazing this I read about this company... shocking even

  14. Wow, the maturity is astounding. I can't believe the drama with this company.

  15. what a bitch!! I know all about her from and lightsabar's blog..URGH!

  16. Wow I'd never heard of this company before, but that lady is a MONSTER.

  17. Hah! What a bitch.. She should be punished by eating her own makeup and putting them in her eyes everyday. ♥ In fact, why don't you do that? Since they're so 'safe'.

  18. :O I had no idea about the whole thing and I'm shocked!! x

    ♥ after every message makes me wanna puke too ewwwwww!!!!

  19. ohhhh my god what a dumb ass. It isn't harassment if the person wanted to know what was up. And then that person goes and tattles to Lela? They are both a joke then.
    And I am sure the little hearts are mini middle fingers so I will <3<3<3 right back at her lol

  20. @Isabel: At one point, earlier last year, she claimed on the GS FB fanpage that her pigments were so safe and natural, you could colour your food with them. I wish I had screenshotted it, but at the time I had no reason to :\

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