Friday, March 26, 2010


I promise I will get something up here soon.

I've been striking out lately, lol, haven't done any makeup posts. I got sort of meh because I felt like people weren't reading them, and a few websites that I post on weren't getting the comments or anything. I don't expect 200 comments but it's a little depressing when you see others with not as good pictures (not the makeup itself, the photography) and they get a bijillion.

I also had something going on with my eye for most of last week and into the beginning of this week, and it barred me from entering the Alice in Wonderland contest :( I didn't want to post makeup photos with my eye being swollen and red (something from my contacts, methinks)

So I'd like to hear what you guys would like to see? Anything?

Spektra has a thread where your boyfriend/husband does your makeup for you. I fully intend on doing that in a few weeks when he's here, and I will post that =P


  1. I read your stuff! Even your posts on MUG (even though I plan on leaving there due to some reasons). I love your blogs and I look forward to seeing them :]

    I'm in your boat though. I've been really.. meh lately with stuff and I dont think anything I've done has looked good enough to post up with fear of ending up on badmakeup haha

    Omg I'm so gonna have my bf do my makeup and take pictures of it! lol that would be awesome! Great idea!

    <3<3 Keep posting, and know that even if you dont have any comments, people read them and they always make someone's day! :]