Monday, March 15, 2010

The Holy Grail of Cheek Combos

Ladies and gentleman, but mostly ladies, I have found the holy grail of cheek combos, the "coup de grace" if you will, the creme de la creme of beauty products...


Mac's Prim and Proper blush


Rhapsody in Two mineralize blush

Seriously. This is sex on your face. Pics to come later. Enjoy THAT imagery in the mean time.


  1. I tried Rhapsody in Two.. and it didnt show up on me lol at all! I was like O.O

    My Moon River showed up better. I hate being pale =/

    I'm not much of a blush girl, I stick to what I know and dont stray much haha

  2. Haha I jinxed myself... returned RIT the other day because about 30 mins after putting it on, it was gone! Yeah. Not spending that much on a crappy product.

    I think that's the end for me and their mineralize products... that's the 5th thing I've returned.