Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Redness Solution/New Skin Regimen

I think I quite possibly have found a great solution for anyone who suffers from red skin.

I have very mild rosacea and have tried many products to treat it. Once I started wearing makeup, I became really self-conscious about the red blotches on my skin that would often show through my foundation. I don't like full coverage so that option was out.

My new routine is a combination of a few different products, and just in two weeks it has made a huge difference!
I now use the following:
- Clean and Clear Deep Clean (daily)
- Alternating between St. Ives Fresh Skin Olive Scrub and the sensitive skin Apricot Scrub (2x per week, sometimes 3)
- Clinique #2 Clarifying lotion (this will be different based on your skin type)
- Clinique Redness Solutions daily relief cream
- Clinique Turnaround Concentrate(been using this off and on since Xmas)
- Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base

The daily relief cream is the first main item. I alternate between this and an anti-acne moisturizer depending on how my skin is that morning. If I get out of the shower and my face is really irritated, I use the relief cream. It works wonders, it really does!
The turnaround cream is the second big skin changer. I put this on before my moisturizer twice per day and it has severely reduced my acne scarring and the scars from the constant skin irritation I've had for years. I had dark red/purple unraised spots all around my chin and forehead and just in 2 weeks, they have faded to non-colored pock marks. I imagine that in another two weeks, even those will be gone.
Last, but not least, the protective base. This cream has a slight green tint that helps to correct the redness and also acts a makeup primer. I used it one day on its own and didn't really understand the purpose of it... I even tried going outside. My skin was slightly different, but I wasn't getting the whole point. The huge difference was when I put on my foundation (I use Studio Fix powder for reference) and holy cow! I have nice skin! The look was amazing. 8 hours later... my powder and blush were still in place. I often had a problem where usually by lunchtime, my red blotches on my cheeks would just come right through the foundation.

I am very pleased with my new routine and now that the products I've been used have helped my skin so much, I actually wore no foundation today and just used the protective base to correct what redness is left. It has an spf of 15, so it will help to protect your skin as well.

I hope this is helpful for anyone who was needing a makeup base, and also a regimen to help treat their redness and rosacea :) I don't think this would be as effective as someone who has serious rosacea as mine is quite minor.

- Clarifying Lotion: $20 (13.5 oz)
- Redness Solutions daily relief cream $39.50 (1.7oz, they also have a set for $45.00 w/ the daily cream, base and urgent relief cream)
- Turnaround Concentrate $39.50 (1 oz... they gave me a sample of this just for inquiring about it, you don't need much)
- Redness Solutions protective base ($17.50, 1.35oz)

Comments? Questions? Just ask :)


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