Tuesday, October 2, 2012

e.l.f. Disney Villains: Cruella Palette Review + FOTD (and GIVEAWAY!)

Today I have for you a review, swatches and FOTD of the e.l.f. Disney Villains: Cruella palette. There is also a giveaway of this palette at the end of the post, so be sure to scroll to the bottom and follow the instructions!

I found the palette at Walgreens on a special display for $9.99. Inside, you get a small mirror, 2 face charts, 8 eyeshadows, a set of false lashes with glue, an eye primer, 2 lip and cheek colors, and a liquid eyeliner. The palette is cardboard and lightweight, but relatively sturdy. I love the packaging for this; the face charts with half of Cruella's face are brilliant. The instructions are great for people that are newer to makeup. My only complaint with the packaging is that the lip and cheek colors were incredibly difficult to remove!

First up, the eyeshadows. These are swatched over the included eye primer:

Left to right: Puppy Love, Coat of Dreams, Cruelty and Sewage

This row is decently pigmented. Puppy Love is matte, which is appreciated in a heavy shimmer palette. My favorite is Cruelty by far; it's a really interesting minty olivey green. Also, why Sewage? What a weird name!

Left to right: Spelled, Maniac, Little Beasts and Extinction

This row is also pretty pigmented, just slightly less so than the top row. Maniac has amazing gold shimmers, and so does Extinction. Little Beasts is another matte; this one was a little drier than the others but it would work great in the crease or even on the brows.

A shot of all of the eyeshadows together. I think that this palette has good cohesion overall. The shades are neutral (with a pop of color from Cruelty) and you've got a mix of shimmer and matte finishes. Pigmentation is decent, with the only slightly problem shades being Sewage and Little Beasts (a little dry and hard).

The top is the liquid liner, which is a rich black. This is approximately 15 seconds after application and you can see that it is still quite wet and glossy. I would give this a fair amount of dry time to prevent smudging.

The bottom are the lip and cheek colors, which come in a pencil form. As far as I can tell, these do not have names. The lighter milky pink was drier in texture and harder to apply while the red was lovely and smooth. I don't know about using either of these as cheek colors, they may be too awkward!

Overall, I think this palette is a decent value for the money. The shadows are certainly worth $9.99 in my opinion. The eye primer is also decent, and the red lip color is another good value.

Here is a look that I created with the palette using the shadows Spelled, Maniac, Little Beasts and Cruelty. On my lips is the red lip pencil with Mac Amourous Dazzleglass over the top.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end! Here is your chance to win a brand new, unopened Cruella palette. This giveaway starts on October 2, 2012 and will end on Sunday, October 6, 2012. It is open internationally. Please note that the winner will be announced here on the blog; I will not be contacting you via email. Please do not provide your email address on this post as I cannot be responsible for any spam you may receive.

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Good luck!


  1. My favorite Disney Villain is Iago (and Jafar) from the movie Aladdin.
    Also thanks so much for having this give away! Best of luck to all who enter. :)

  2. I also tweeted, subscribed to your YouTube channel (username is karynnorman060300@gmail.com), and repined on pinterest. :)

  3. My favorite villain from a Disney movie is Scar, from The Lion King. I just can't get over how amazing Be Prepared is! Thank you for the opportunity!

    I also re-pinned this on Pinterest.

  4. Maleficent! Always! I reviewed the other two palettes.... Love!

  5. These are so cute wish they were in the UK :(

  6. On another note my favourite is Scar too so evil!! I just tweeted about this too :D squeeeee

    I also subscribe on YouTube as melonsrach

  7. Follow NetworkedBlogs as Lisa Brown
    My favorite villain is the Evil Queen, Cincerella's stepmother.

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  8. Sewage - because she ends up covered in it at the end!!

  9. I was kind of wondering about the name "Sewage" myself!! I am not a huge Disney fan but I would actually have to say that Cruella is my favourite. For Halloween this year, I was going to be Cruella and my husband was going to be a dalmation puppy but we ended up deciding on something else, lol! Maybe next year!

    Your red lips go really well with your reddish hair colour in this look. I haven't tried anything from elf before but those shadows look really nice!

  10. Hi!

    ------------------------ I'm a current GFC follower under: SAUCY | f. | BABY

    ------------------------- My fave Disney villain is Cruella because she still managed to look fab while being devious. >;)

    saucy.baby21 [at] gmail [dot] [com]

    Thank you so much for the chance! :)

    --- Nicole

  11. I agree with you the best things seem to be the eyeshadows, I'm scared of eyeliners that don't dry right away because I always sneeze lol.

    My favorite is maleficent, she's just so eviiiil D:

    I subscribed on youtube as well my username is Makeuptemptations.

    :) thanks for this awesome giveway :D

  12. my favorite is maleficent!

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  13. I follow via GFC and Networked as oohladybegood and I subscribe in YT as oolhadybegood.

    My favourite is the Evil Queen in Snow White

  14. I follow via gfc as Sadi.

    My favorite villian character is Cincerella's stepmother Evil Queen:)

    I tweeted here : https://twitter.com/Sad20ful/status/253884418282881024


  15. evil queen is my favorite. gfc: Katarina

  16. tweet: https://twitter.com/katarina0149/status/254171626848014337 ---- youtube: katekata0

  17. The "Cruella De Ville" song is playing in my head now... =D

    Disney baby here! =D

    GFC: Angelamhiere

    I like Mother Gothel. She stayed looking young even if at the expense of Rapunzel. =D


    Blog: http://angelamhiereslittleheaven.blogspot.com/p/contests-and-giveaways.html

    Youtube: Angelamhiere0221


  18. GFC: miarsi ningsih
    my fave disney villains is Cruella :)
    Extra entry:
    Reblog n sidebar:http://mie-arsie.blogspot.com/2012/10/cydonianmakeup-giveaway.html

  19. I followed via gfc as tylerkilledlove

    my favorite disney villain is Maleficent!

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway xo

    -Monica Meza

  20. Hey! When will you announce the results?

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