Wednesday, October 17, 2012

And the winner of the Disney palette is...

I'm sorry for the delay on this! I've not only been busy at work, but I've been sick and also had immigration stuff to deal with. Without further delay...


(for her Twitter entry).
Angela: Please email me at turtlebeauty at yahoo dot com with your mailing address. Thank you! :)



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    1. Excuse me? These giveaways ARE authentic. That was the first number I got on As I've said, I've been ill and busy in my personal life; I wasn't even aware that she had won another giveaway. Take your drama elsewhere.

    2. Um, what planet are you on, love? Why on EARTH would various bloggers collaborate so one person could win small prizes from girls who have bought them with thier own money? Who the hell gets butthurt over not winning an ELF palette? It wasn't a giveaway for life saving surgery or a legitmate alchemical formula, bloody hell.

      Also, go and Google how random numbers actually work, jesus.