Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Swatchfest: Darling Girl Halloween Collection!

That's right! I have the ENTIRE Darling Girl Cosmetics Halloween Collection to show you! This will be a long post, so sit back, grab some coffee... let's do this!

This collection will launch sometime next week on The collection will be set up like most of Susan's products. There will be sample, petit and full size eyeshadows available as usual. She is also bringing out new lip products, Sweet Cheeks Blush, and a totally new product called Spectral Shifts.

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Susan has had the brilliant idea to make the entire collection mostly based on requests. Fans of the company helped to come up with colors and their names; which I think is totally cool. She even redesigned the top label to read 'Darling Ghoul Cosmetics'... adorable!

First up: the eyeshadows. Top photo is natural light, bottom is flash. All descriptions will be from left to right.

Witch & Famous: This is a really fascinating taupe. When foiled, it's got a charcoal aspect to it... but it's definitely taupe. It reminds me of something that is slightly burned... there's also gold flecks.

Thriller: Eeee, I came up with this! It's exactly how I imagined -- burgundy with a ton of shimmer, mostly gold and red.

Crypt Keeper: This might be my favorite if I had to pick one. This is an intense olive-gold-green with subtle orange flecks. Extremely smooth and pigmented.

Jack's Lantern: This is a deep purple with red duochrome. I saw this and immediately thought of Fyrinnae Mephisto. They are close, but Mephisto has a stronger red flash so Jack's Lantern appears darker. This is amazing!

Candy Corn: This is actually a loose glitter -- it's got tons of different colors... bronze, brown, gold, orange, blue, I could go on! It's super sparkly.

Scream Queen: This is a metallic 'blood' red with white glitter. Yes, white. How cool is that?!

Bats in the Belfry: Tough shade to describe. It's sorta olive, sorta brown, sorta gold. Really pretty... sort of a dirty shade. There's a hint of pink shimmer lurking in there.

Pumpkin Eater: Such a perfect name. This is a metallic orange with green sparks. It reminds me of the staining you get on your hands after you scoop out a pumpkin.

Ghost Light: This is actually a Spectral Shift. They can be used for eyes or face, however you'd like. When used over a sticky base, this one is a pale satin aqua with a slight gold shift. I. Love. This.

Dream Scream: This is a shimmer white with red glitter. Very interesting... the lovely Taryn came up with this one.

Corpse Candle: Another Spectral Shift... this is a grey lilac with a violet twinge. Absolutely fascinating, and I can't wait to use this in a light dusting as a cheek highlight.

Apparition: SPARKLE ALERT. Holy wow, this is metallic and sparkly. It's a silvery champagne shade with orange (red?) glitter.

Zombody to Love: (<3 the name) This is another shade that is really hard to describe! It's a blackened navy blue with silver sparks. It's just a slight bit difficult to get even, but still a nice shade.

Pretty Plasma: How unique is this for a Halloween collection? I love it... really lovely teal with silvery flash. It's like molten metal when you apply it over a sticky base.

Will-o-Wisp: The third and final Spectral Shift. It's a pale pink with strong blue duochrome. I can't wait to use this as a blush but so far, as an eyeshadow, it's absolutely gorgeous.

Now that you've seen the eyeshadows... any favorites before we move onto the lip products? I've got hand swatches and lip swatches (dedication, folks). There are 11 products in total.

Kiss You Off: Color Rich Balms

The Pumpkin King: This is the brain child of Robyn and I as we are obsessed with anything and everything Nightmare Before Christmas. This is a perfect medium orange with metallic orange bits and shimmer. Yum!

Wicked Game: Medium purple with gold shimmer. ZOMG YUM. This is the idea of Robyn, again. This is insanely pretty. When you apply it, the base sheers out a little but the color is still beautiful.

Poisoned Plum: As the name states -- plum with purple and gold shimmers. This has a slightly different texture to the others -- it's not got as much slide.

The lip balms are becoming my favorite colored balm. I like that you can build up the color but it's still moisturizing and gives you a nice burst of color. Susan has had to reformulate recently, and I feel like these new ones are a little different but not in a bad way.

The dark shade on the left is Vampire's Kiss Holo Gloss. This has a black base with purple glitter throughout. As you can see by the bottom picture, the glitter has a gold shift as well. It's definitely a stunner and not a shade for everyone... but surprisingly wearable.

The green gloss on the right is Ghouls Gone Wild Lip Jelly. This is an exclusive creation for this collection... first, you have to see this up close:

Doesn't it look like a galaxy in a jar? Mmm... it's got green and pink shift in the base, and a ton of multicoloured glitter. This is a slightly thicker formula, but as it comes in a pot, you can easily control how much product you use. Susan said she was concerned about the glitter being gritty, but I don't think it's an issue at all.


Bewitched: Fuchsia pink with strong blue glitters. This totally reminds me of Katy Perry... and again, yum. (I'm eating a lot in this post.)

Poison Orchid: Raspberry pink, nearly violet, with purple and blue glitters. It does sheer out when you use it, the purple base isn't as strong, but this is still lovely.

Going Batty: Think you don't need a blackish holo gloss? Wrong. You do. This is a grey-green-black base with tons of copper and blue glitter. You'd think it'd be hideous -- but wait until you see the lip swatch. It's... sexy.

Holo Glosses

Magic Potion: A reddish burgundy base with violet and gold shimmers. Really interesting, and I think this will be great for fall over the trend lipsticks of burgundy and deep purple.

Poison Apple: GREEEEEN. It's quite green, as well, and has copper and gold glimmers. While it is noticeably green, I find it to be quite wearable. I'm excited to try this over different shades of lipstick.

The holo-glosses from this collection are on par in terms of formula with the rest of her line of them. Smooth, non sticky, and lasting power of 3-4 hours on average. I received some of the shades in sample jars, and I actually preferred them in that medium instead of the jar with the doefoot applicator. I contacted Susan, and she is going to consider offering lip products in pots as well. I personally found that dipping in with a lip brush gave me more control over how much product I was applying.

Devil's Dance Color Rich Balm: This is a metallic navy blue with a lean towards violet. It's also got some gold glimmers... this is an interesting balm. I can't speak much for how even or opaque it is, as I received it in a clamshell. It's different to apply it with a lip brush than with the standard lip balm tube (i.e. you get less product.)

Alright, lip swatches!

The Pumpkin King Balm

Wicked Game Balm

Poisoned Plum Balm

Devil's Dance Balm

Vampire's Kiss Holo-Gloss

Ghouls Gone Wild Lip Jelly

Bewitched Holo-Gloss

Poison Orchid Holo-Gloss

Going Batty Holo-Gloss

Magic Potion Holo-Gloss

Poison Apple Holo-Gloss

So, again, any favorites? Am I killing you with awesome yet? ;-).

Last thing -- Just Bitten Sweet Cheeks Blush.

Susan intended for this to be a dupe of Tarte's recent True Blood cheek stain. I've seen that in person and I would say that this is really close. The Tarte one has more loose gold glitter, but I much prefer the base colour on it's own anyway. I want to try this on my lips soon for that 'in from the cold' or 'popsicle lips' look.

Pricing is as follows:
- Sample eyeshadow: $0.70
- Petit eyeshadow: $2.25
- Full size eyeshadow: $5.50
- Sweet Cheeks blush: $6.50
- Holo-Gloss: $4.25
- Lip Balm: $4.75

Well, hopefully you guys enjoyed that post! I also hope that it created insane amounts of lemmings and you'll go buy everything. I know that I am totally impressed. I love that it was created from ideas of her buyers -- that is dedication to your fan base, to me anyway. I think that the Holo-Glosses could do with a packaging revamp as I discussed above, but Susan is working on a different packaging option and will hopefully offer the lip products in jars and/or clamshells if the buyer wishes to purchase them that way.

DISCLAIMER: Post contains products sent for review by owner. This does not change my opinion of said products and I received no monetary compensation for this review.


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