Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sleek Monaco Palette Review + FOTD

Alright, last Sleek palette for me to show you at the moment...

Another palette from the Mediterranean collection, this one is the Monaco palette.

I believe this released prior to Curacao, and it unfortunately was limited edition and thus no longer available (you could try eBay, but the price will probably be ridiculous.) Sorry to make you want things that aren't available!

As usual, you get twelve 1.1g (0.03oz) eyeshadows in a palette, for £6.49, or around $11 (USD).

You again get the insert with the names on, which is handy (I'm glad Sleek is doing that on the regular now!). This palette contains a lot of blues, moreso than the Curacao palette. It's bright, but toned down in comparison. There is the inclusion of a lovely purple-magenta and a lilac that make interesting selections with the other shades.

Over Too Faced Shadow Insurance:

Bamboo is a soft ivory white, similar to Bow from Oh So Special, but a little different texture.

Aquamarine is a matte teal, very soft and pigmented.

Midnight Garden is an intense matte blue with a bit of purple. Very, very pigmented.

Sunset is a shimmering burnt orange.

Washed Ashore is an shimmery yellow-orange. It's got a bit of a peachy brown tone, very unique.

Magenta Madness is a beautiful matte magenta. It's got quite a lot of purple in it as well. Decent pigmentation. It's bright but not neon.

Summer Breeze is a pale matte aqua. Yes, yes! I've wanted a matte aqua for ages and this is gorgeously pigmented.

Sand Walker is a soft beige, just a little shimmer. Decent pigmentation.

Kiwi Zest is a heavy shimmer chartreuse. Beautiful.

Lotus Flower is another gorgeous shade - shimmery pale purple.

Hummingbird is a satin aqua-teal, the pigmentation on this is a little lacking and it swatches patchy. As this palette has a lot of blue, I would have liked to see another shade.

Moors Treasure is a purple-brown, bordering on burgundy. This is a matte but has a very buttery texture.

All together now... natural light on the bottom, flash on the bottom.

It's a tough time for me to decide whether I like Curacao or this better! I think I'll just say I love both. Sand Walker, Lotus Flower and Kiwi Zest are lovely in this palette and the blues plus the oranges are really interesting. Washed Ashore is unique, as well. Yay for pretty palettes!

I wanted to do something fun for my FOTD, and I refused to use the blues! I always do blue. Here's what I came up with:

- Mac Studio Fix Powder in NC20
- Maybelline Superstay Concealer in Cream
- Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in Light
- Milani blush in Dolce Pink

- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Sleek Monaco Palette: Lotus Flower on the lid and lower lashline
- Sleek Monaco Palette: Kiwi Zest in the crease and through lower lashline
- Sleek Monaco Palette: Magenta Madness to darken crease and lower lashline
- Mac Fluidline in Dark Diversion on top lid and bottom waterline
- Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara (black)

-Morgana Cryptoria lip balm in Diabolical Druscilla
- Jordana lipgloss in ASAP


  1. i got this ( from ebay ) and i gotta say, its so nice. i love the matte colors,

  2. Beautiful colors! Im loving them all, I cant just pick one! BTW, you look gorgeous!

  3. Oh this is beautiful! I love the look you made, it's very soft but bright somehow. And the lips are just lovely :)

  4. Sunset is the standout to me. ALSO... Diabolical Drusilla is SO. PIGMENTED. Now I see why you were recommending it for me. But her checkout is closed. I should have just ordered it when I was getting Totally Tubular. :-(

  5. Dang. I am DEFINITELY going to purchase Diabolical Drusilla now!

  6. looove your necklace and the lip color!! so pretty

    Vonnie of

  7. Oh wow, I love this shimmery, colourful look! I adore how the eyeshadows almost look metallic. Also the MC balm you're wearing looks fantastic on you!

  8. wow ! You create beautiful make ups !

  9. really pretty color combo! I'm always so inspired when i read blogs and then when it's time to do my makeup in the morning i'm completely uninspired and end up in browns or pinks.